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One wish for his birthday

Tom’s girlfriend had recently found a genie’s lamp, and since it was Tom’s birthday, she decided to give one of her wishes to him. Tom thought about for a couple of minutes, “Ok ok, I got it, for one day I want to be part of the starwars universe”. The genie pointed at Tom and turned him into dust. His girlfriend got scared, but the genie calmed her down, “don’t worry, she’ll be back in 24 hours”. “He, he will be back” she said. “Whatever” genie responded. Read more

Sexy Stormtrooper

Halloween costumes can be hard to find at the best of times but the TG store guarantees that they will make it incredibly easy. Of course with an ad like that I went in. I’d always been a Star Wars fan so I opted for a Star Wars costume.
They gave me a stormtrooper costume. I tried it on and it felt as though it was a perfect fit. Happy with my find I took the costume off. When I took the costume off a lot was different. My penis was replaced by a vagina, I had long hair, I had two big breasts, I had a curvy body, I was a woman. I was furious. I gave the manager a piece of my mind I was completely and utterly livid. However, he explained that there was nothing that could be done and I was stuck this way. I was incredibly upset. They offered me a new costume and financial compensation. I willingly accepted. The new costume wasn’t the one I had tried on. The store disposed of it due to its danger. Instead I got a latex dress with heels and a helmet. I looked like a stormtrooper from a porn parody. Which I wasn’t keen on.
I know I won’t be a man again but I wish I was.