One man’s curse is another girl’s pleasure

As soon as the changes started, I stripped off all of my clothes to watch the transformation in front of the mirror. It was just like I had always fantasized. With every nerve in my body tingling, my flesh was moulded like clay. Limbs thinned, and my waist pinched in. My ass rounded into a pert bubble, and breasts rose from my chest. They were beautiful and perfect, and I immediately cupped them with my shrinking hands, revelling in the feeling of my rapidly lengthening nails digging into the soft flesh. Hair rippled from my scalp like rivers as my face shifted and smoothed. I looked on in wonder as my crude manly features became graceful and cute, even sexy, with soft pink lips, a button nose, and dark eyes with heavy lashes. Finally my penis, fully erect from the arousal of feeling up my increasingly feminine figure, began to shrink in clear distinct bursts. Suddenly, the pleasure I had been feeling reached a crescendo. I collapsed onto my bed in a blissful orgasm as what remained of my penis shrivelled into a cute, pink clit, right above my blossoming vagina.
The witch said I was cursed, trapped as a woman until I had sex with a man in my new form. Too bad she didn’t know that being a woman is the one thing I’ve always wanted. I look down at my new body, still panting with the aftershocks of an orgasm, and I know I’ll do whatever it takes to stay in this delicious body as long as I can. Sure I have to avoid sleeping with a man, but how hard could it be? After all, there are plenty of other ways for a girl to keep herself occupied. In fact, I think I’ll try one now . . .


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