Wishing the Genie Free

Ted wished the genie free from her bottle so he could have her, and she granted the wish. However, her soul was stuck to the bottle, so only her body could be freed. Her solutions was to swap their bodies, allowing her soul to remain with the bottle with Ted’s body. She would now just be a male genie, and Ted would now just be a female!

“You can have me all you want now, you are me, well at least you have my body anyway, that ends my one wish to you, sir, or well mam now, goodbye,” said the genie before going into “his” bottle and disappearing along with it, to be found later by someone else, someplace else.

Ted used the camera app on his phone to see his new face, he was stunned to suddenly have the genie’s sexy body! Once he grabbed his new boobs however, he was realizing maybe this was a good wish. Later when he met his friend Jeremy to tell him what happened with that genie that they both knew about, Jeremy acted a bit upset for him, but really he was ecstatic, he had a chance to have his buddy become his girlfriend now!

Jeremy said he had to use the bathroom, and when he came out he was naked, cock straight out, “You know chicks like dicks, so now that you are a chick, do you get my drift?”

Jeremy put it out there to see how his friend would react now that he was woman and Ted responded, “I um, well, um, wow, did it get warm in here? I um, oh my um, you look… um well, oh.”

Jeremy said, “So you are into dicks now? You can be my girlfriend if you want now, so let’s have some fun.”

Ted now female with his new female desires was overwhelmed, and the body he possessed now hadn’t had sex in many years! Ted walked over to his friend, his new tits bouncing, his wide hips swaying, and he dropped to his soft smooth knees to suck off his buddy!

He pulled back off the cock for just a few seconds, “Oh Jeremy baby, you taste good.”

She then went back at it, making him orgasm, and she took it all and swallowed, then said, “So, you said I’m your girlfriend now? Ok, then call me Sasha now, make that Sasha Sucksall, because I love to suck it all baby if you know what I mean. Now get to work on my pussy that’s dying for attention.”

Sasha was in bliss as her new boyfriend Jeremy ate out her new vagina like a pro!


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