Old books are dangerous

When my cousin Wendell vanished, I was sad. Not broken up too bad, but sad. We were a small family, but not one that really kept in touch well. We’d spread out all over the country and as I was the closest one to where Wendell lived, I was tasked with going through his stuff.

I was the first person to go into his house since he’d disappeared. It was weird. Sort of creepy, but then Wendell was always a creepy guy. I found his study and it looked like he had just left it. There were books everywhere, and a large mirror on the wall. They were old books. Wendell had always been in to archeology. One of them was open on the table. I walked over and read it. It was in some weird language. Below the indecipherable runes were letters written out. I read them aloud.

“Ib ken tisha, exiam nuy trel. Tel am non! Tel am non! Restia ben marvik!” I chuckled to myself at the funny sounds. They went on and on, but I didn’t bother to continue. I looked around the room at the mess and shook my head. I slammed the book shut and felt a weird puff of air hit my skin. I looked down again and suddenly saw that I was naked!

I suddenly felt really horny and my cock got rock hard. I reached down and started to stroke it. As I did I saw my nipples become erect, then start to puff out. At the same time each stroke on my cock seemed to become shorter and shorter. Despite how good it felt I let go of it. I gasped aloud. It was half its original size and visibly shrinking. I looked over at the lamp and saw it was higher up now. It took me a moment to realize I had shrunk. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror. I stared as the changes continued. My skin becoming smooth and hairless. My waise shrinking as my hips widened. My chest pushing out and drooping and becoming a pair of tits. My face scrunched and morphed and I blinked and suddenly it was a woman’s face. Hair fell into my face and I pushed it away. When I did I saw only a woman in the mirror.

I was still horny. Really really horny. And my mind was fantasizing all on its own about dick. I couldn’t believe how much I wanted a dick in my pussy, shooting it’s load into me.

I glanced down at the book on the table. I could read the runes on the cover now. Roughly it translated in English to “How to build your own fertility cult.”

I knew I should read more of it. Maybe find some way to undo this. But I couldn’t. I was just too horny. I needed a man. Any man. I ran from the house to the nearest set of lights I could find. Hopefully there was a man there. I was about to make him the luckiest man in the world.


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