Always pay yout depths!

“See what we are capable of to do to your family?”, Carlos asked in the high soprano of Kaitlyn Baker with a mexican accent, while he pulled out his right breast and fingered his new equipment with his delicate and manicured hand.
Steve Baker was a unlucky business man, who dealt with the wrong men. He lend himself a lot of money for speculation, but failed miserably and couldn’t pay the money back to his creditors. Their boss, who was known to be ice cold, send his best man when it came to build pressure on the borrower. Carlos was anything but a brutal man. He wouldn’t punish physically, his specialty was to possess loved members of the family, with the priority on the female ones for the fun.
Now he stood in front of Steve, the right breast of his daughter hanging out bouncing around, while her body would furiously finger itself.
“Ohhhhh daddy daddy, pleaaaaseeee don’t pay the money back! I want to be your dearest daughter for some time, getting gang banged and pregnant sounds quite tempting, doesn’t it daddy?”, Carlos said as sweetly as it could come over his new lips. He loved to torment his opponent and it would work almost all the time.
This time he hoped that her father couldn’t pay soon, as he was excited to have indeed some dirty fun inside his new luscious little body. He even planned on making some extra money at the local strip club. With his sexy body and delicious breasts and some happy ends, that wouldn’t be a problem. In the end, he earned a lot more money than he got for the job itself.
Poor Kaitlyn would end up being pregnant with a handful tattoos, piercings on intimate places, a smoking addict and a new reputation in town…


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