Okay, Mom

Pedro Jr. arched his back and pouted. “Okay, this was…um…an interesting and enlightening experience, but I think it’s now time to turn me back, Mom,” he said.

“Tell me what you’ve learned in just two days’ time,” replied his mother Dolores, calmly smoking her cigarette. “48 hours, that’s all. How about trying to handle being a woman for 48 years?”

“You’re right and I was wrong, Mom. I was insensitive and I want to change back now. I never understood how hard girls have it. Please, I don’t want to carry these weights on my chest and wear bras and camisoles and even these torn-up jean shorts which are pinching my crotch, and my back is really hurting,” he said, placing his right first into the small of his back to emphasize his point.

He was surprised as his Mom stood up and gave him a hug. It was odd feeling his Mom’s breasts press into his, but he assumed that this wasn’t something he was likely to feel again soon, so he didn’t protest and he hugged her back. But what Mom said next dashed his hopes.

“I’ve decided. It’s final: I’ve always wanted a daughter but your good-for-nothing father Pedro senior won’t give me another child because he insists that boys are better than girls and now I’ve reached menopause so I can’t have more. You’ll be my darling daughter from now on, won’t you? I’ll teach you the magic secrets that run in our family blood, which you’re now eligible to inherit, daughter.”

Pedro’s heart sank at these words, but he managed to squeak out: “O…Okay, Mom. What name should I take now, and what should I do with the magic you teach me?”

“Pieta, my sweetie, do whatever you want to that drunken lout. If you want to transform him into a girl, then he deserves it, that old womanizer. That’s actually a good idea. Practice on him and don’t be afraid, because he can’t hurt any of us anymore after you’re done with him,” she mused.

“Okay, Mom.” said Pieta. “Teach me.”


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