I had infiltrated the home of one of the biggest druglords in town. It wasn’t easy, I had to go through some changes. I was given a pill at work. It took a whole week, but I saw my body change each day. Monday I started to become shorter and thinner. Tuesday, my equipment deflated. Wednesday, my hair changed colour and grew longer. Thursday, I grew boobs, and my equipment finally retracted into my own body. Friday, my face looked a lot more feminine. Saturday nothing happened on the outside, but the scientist at work told me I had just grown a womb. Sunday, my mind suffered some changes, I started to feel like a woman, meaning I was attracted to men.

I looked like an exact copy of his wife, so infiltration should be easy. My agency kidnapped his wife, and sent me in as a replacement. My mission was simple, find something to incriminate him. Monday, I looked in his safe, but there was nothing there. That night, he brought me a gift, “for me?” I pretended to be excited, he gave me a golden necklace. We went to bed, and when he asked me to have sex, I pretended to have a headache. Tuesday, he took me to a play. I had never appreciated a musical before, it was really fun. We got home, he kissed me, and I kissed him back; it wasn’t as bad as I expected, specially since the change had made me attracted to men. Once again, I pretended to feel sick to avoid sex.

Wednesday, he brought me another gift, it was a black dress and a couple of earings. I can’t lie, it made me feel special. “You should wear them tomorrow” he said. I just nodded, and kissed him again. Thursday, as we were about to go out, he unzipped his pants. This time, I didn’t say a thing, I just bent over, and raised my dress. I really wanted him inside of me. Who cares if he is a drug lord? he is my husband now, and he spoils me everysingle day. I will stay with him, I will love him, and for sure, I will be a better wife than his real wife ever was.


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