Nothing sexual.

The euphoria Tom was feeling was amazing as Kyle sucked on his nipple. It was utterly unlike any sensation he’d ever had as a man.

Cassie stood in the corner and giggled at the sight in front of her. She’d said that Tom and Kyle were too good of friends. That she and Kyle’s romance had ended because she was a third wheel on their relationship. Kyle had laughed when she told him he loved Tom more than her. He chuckled and said it wasn’t sexual. Well a quick trip down to the local magic store and one magic spell later and it sure wouldn’t be.

Cassie watched the look of delight on the woman who had been Tom’s face as the woman who had been Kyle shifted awkwardly to keep the nipple in her mouth. It was getting hard. She kept getting smaller. Eventually Tom picked her up as she regressed into a child and finally an infant suckling happily at Tom’s lactating breasts.

Cassie left as Tom continued to nurse Kyle quietly. There was no doubt the two of them loved each other now. Few bonds are closer than mother and daughter.


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