Mind wipe

“You are a cock sucking slut, you are a cock sucking slut.” These words echoed through Samuels broken mind, what remained of her will crumbling as the words became absolute truth. You couldn’t tell, but four hours ago the redhead with a mouth full of cock had been a 5’11” guy with shaggy blonde hair.

Sam’s roommate Adam had suggested a new CD that he said Sam would love. Adam had promised that the cd would, as he put it, rock his world. To go with it Adam had offered Sam a pair of bright silvery headphones, and said that you had to use them both for the full effect. He was certainly right about that, and as soon as Sam had hit play, his world shattered into a thousand pieces as the voice quickly put him in a deep trance.

After that is had started its work on his body. “Everything that is about to happen will feel totally natural.” The voice droned. “My words are you ultimate truth, and anything I say will instantly become reality to you.” Sam was just a college student, he didn’t know anything about what Adam was giving to him, had no way of knowing the headphones were exposing him to nanites that had the power to change him mind, body and soul.

As soon as the recording got Sam nice and pliable it began with easy changes. “You are a redhead, and your hair is beautiful and silky and goes down below your shoulders.” Instantly the nanites within Sam went to work, quickly growing out his hair until he had the look of a fiery redhead. “You have no hair anywhere other than your head, and your skin is clear and silky smooth.” Again his body changed, with every trace of hair other than his long red locks disappearing, meanwhile his skin remolded itself, losing every blemish, imperfection, and rough spot on his entire body.

At this point he was still entirely male, but the next part of the recording was set to change that. You are a slim little thing, you’re only 5’3″ and 110 pounds. This change took longer as it was reshaping his body and a great deal of mass was disappearing, but within 20 minutes he looked like a 15 year old boy with the new height and minimal body weight. When this was done the recording continued. “You have a beautiful feminine face, deep green eyes and beautiful cock sucking lips. Sam’s face began changing, and soon looked like the face of a flawless 19 year old girl.

The recording made several other changes as it worked down Sam’s body, narrowing Sam’s shoulders, neck, and other minor details on his face. “You have a pair of beautiful B cup tits, perfect and high on your chest, and extremely sensitive nipples. Again Sam’s body shifted, and the tits sprung onto his chest. Working it’s way down his body again, the little body fat that remained was eliminated, with Sam’s belly becoming tight and firm, and a narrow waist that then flared out dramatically for a wonderful hourglass figure.

Then the most significant change occurred. “You have a beautiful pink pussy, with a wonderfully sensitive clit that allows you to cum very easily, and your pussy lips are almost as sensitive. Sam’s equipment retracted itself, forming exactly what the voice wanted and creating a pussy that could almost cum just by being hit by a light breeze. The rest of the changes created a perfect female specimen, but one whose mind was still intact as a male were the recording to end, but that had been taken into account and the recording continued.

“Your name is Samantha, you are a 19 year old freshman, you are not very intelligent and the only way you get by is by sleeping with your classmates to get your homework done, and sleeping with your professors to get your tests done. You don’t differentiate, you are highly bisexual, willing to suck both cock and lick pussy to get by. You have no recollection of Samuel, you have always been Samantha. You make ends meet by waitressing at a local restaurant, where you usually get fucked by at least one customer per night.”

Several other changes were made, just to tie up loose ends, and then the recording echoed “you are a cock sucking slut” for 5 minutes, the objective being to make this the one absolute truth that overrode all others. It was successful too, Adam had been patiently waiting in his room, eager to see if his new nanites were as powerful as he had hoped. When his door opened though and a flawless co-ed walked in, a pair of silver headphones on her head. He knew he had been successful. Samantha didn’t say a word, just went to Adam, dropped to her knees, yanked his boxers down, and began plunging herself down on his cock.

“I couldn’t be happier.” Samantha thought to herself. “I’m a sexy goddess, I can fuck whoever I want and get what I want, my life is fucking great.” She was so happy with herself, that even had she known who she previously had been, she wouldn’t have cared.


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