Justin Bieber

You didn’t want to believe it, but she’d actually gone through with it. Selena had really done it. When she said she didn’t like the new haircut, you thought nothing of it. You where an icon after all, and icons have to take risks. When she started saying you looked like a lesbian, you ignored her. Maybe she was just trying to flirt. And when she finally gave you an ultimatum: make a change, or she would. You ignored her once again.

But when you woke up the next morning, you couldn’t ignore her any more.

“Oh, hello baby,” she said her slender arms wrapped around you, smooth and hairless as always, “sleep well princess?”


You stopped yourself. Your voice. It was tiny. Soft, high pitched, and incredibly small. You heard Selena giggle as she wraps her arms even tighter around you. You hadn’t noticed before, but they easily circled your waist with room to spare. One of her pretty little hands moved upwards, and landed on your chest. You swallowed, shocked,and suddenly very, very awake. Her other hand moved between your legs. Far, far between your legs. You felt joy, weakness, warmth, and you gasped.

“I know this might be a lot for you baby,” Selena said, smooth and teasing as she played with the delicate feeling between your legs, driving you mad, “but I thought that if you were gonna keep that haircut. You might as well look the part”. She nibbled on your ear and sent shivers down your spine. You blushed pink

“We couldn’t have Justin Bieber running around the world with a haircut for a lesbian. ” You moaned in dread and anticipation of what you knew she was building to. “So,” she said, “I just took care of all the rest for you. No more boy, no more tours, no more Bieber. Just my little lesbian.”


“Shhhh,” she played with your nipples and circled you clit as you melted “don’t worry baby, I didn’t want you to be distracted by all that singing, and the travel, and the stress. I just want you to focus on the important things. Your hair. Your makeup. Me. Mostly me. And being my perfect little lesbian.” You tried to muster the will to shake free of her, but you couldn’t. And besides, she was stronger than you now. And undeniably in control.

“Or,” she said, brushing your skin as she kissed your ear again, whispering “at least, Tina, you’re mostly a lesbian.” You suddenly felt something warm, hard, and undeniably desirable poking into your ass. You couldn’t help but push up against it. Selena giggled as you tried and failed to contain your new girlish urges. “I’m sorry baby, I just couldn’t resist,” she said, flipping you onto to your stomach, pressing your face into the pillows, and yanking your ass into the air. You spread wide and pretended not to be excited.


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