Not the brightest

I really wanted to be Kim’s boyfriend. She was my neighbor, and although we used to be friends when we were kids, she had been ignoring me lately. So when I found a spell to swap bodies with her current boyfriend, I didn’t even hesitate to use it. The spell was simple, all I needed was something of hers, and after casting it, I would switch bodies with her boyfriend.

I had an old sweater she once left at my place, so I used that as something of hers. I heard some moaning across the street. Apparently Kim was having sex with her boyfriend right now. “What a cool moment to swap bodies” I thought. I started reading the spell. And in no time, I felt how I left my body and got pulled to her house. Everything got blurry for a second. I felt something being thrusted in and out of me. “Shit, I am in Kim’s body” I thought, “maybe I needed something of his not of hers”. I was worried, but once I felt my breasts bouncing, and his thing pressing on my vaginal lips, all my worries went away. I moaned, and felt like smiling. I looked at him, and felt in love, I kissed him passionately.

Later that day the former me came to confront us, “She’s not Kim! I am Kim” he said. I denied the whole thing. And ever since that day, I have been Kim, and I don’t regret a single thing.


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