Not Fair

Chris had borrowed Marcus car and gotten into a fender bender. That was bad enough, but because of it, he didn’t get the car back to Marcus, so Marcus missed his date with Rebecca, who was hot and everyone knew got horny when she drank. That Marcus had managed to get her to agree to go on a date with him was a feat in and of itself, because she was very finicky and picky about going out with guys. She’d take it personally that he cancelled and never agree to go out with him again.

Chris knew this too, and had apologized. Promising to pay for the car, and find someway to make it up to Marcus. Marcus said he was going to make sure of that and his eyes glowed. That was how Chris learned his roommate was a warlock. Once Chris was a girl, it seemed obvious how Marcus expected him to pay him back. When Marcus threw in that he’d forget the money for the car as well, Chris agreed, figuring it wouldn’t be so bad. How wrong he was.

It really wasn’t fair, Chris thought to himself as he felt his body gear itself up for yet another amazing orgasm as he bounced up and down on his roommate’s cock, feeling his large sensitive tits bounce with each movement. He moaned and brought his hand up to try and quiet himself, but he knew he wasn’t hiding anything as he saw the grin on Marcus face. Whatever Marcus had done to him was insane. Chris had never, ever, EVER had sex even a tenth this good. It wasn’t fair that Marcus made him do this and made it feel this good. Chris would beg for it, plead for it, do anything to experience this again and again.

Chris came and moaned, knowing that for the little price of a fender bender he’d given up his manhood for good. He could never go back. Not after this. It was just too good.

It wasn’t fair to Marcus. All he was going to get was a nymphomaniac girlfriend. Chris was going to get a life of insane orgasms.


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