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A new dish for dinner

Two Dudes who had no luck with women, Pete and Dave had been friends forever, graduating together from high school and now roommates at the state university. It was the end of a long day at school, when Pete got home, was in the kitchen getting things together for dinner. When Pete entered the kitchen, Dave turned to him and handed him a glass of something. It was red and bubbly and smelled sweet. “What is it?” Pete asked. “I tried something new,” he said. “Have a drink.” Pete drank it down. “What the…” Suddenly Pete wasn’t Pete anymore and Dave was looking very hot and sexy. “What am I thinking?” Pete wondered. And she was feeling so warm, she tore off his clothes. “Wait, what is happening?” Pete’s voice wasn’t his own, it was kind of sweet and high-pitched. “Dave, what is going on?” “Nothing Pia, you just got home. Anything wrong?” “MMMM, noooo, I was just thinking that its been a while since…” “Since what, Pia?” “Oh God, I want you. I want you now. Right here!” Dave threw off his clothes and his dick grew longer and harder, “It worked.” Pia turned to him and for the first time, the old friends discovered one another in a new way. “Fuck me,” Pia whispered into Dave’s ear. “Whatever you want, my dear!” She leaned over the sink and learned what friends with benefits was all about.

Hardcore mode?

Adam frowned as Peter killed him yet again. He’d been practicing clearly. A lot. Or he was cheating, but Adam couldn’t prove that and such an allegation seemed un-sportsman like. Read more


“You and your stupid prank.” Joe groaned, feeling a powerful need come over his body. His mouth started to water and he felt an incredible hunger. His nipples got hard and his pussy tingled as he squatted down in front of his roommate, still embarrassed by how incredibly good he knew this was going to feel. Read more

Not Fair

Chris had borrowed Marcus car and gotten into a fender bender. That was bad enough, but because of it, he didn’t get the car back to Marcus, so Marcus missed his date with Rebecca, who was hot and everyone knew got horny when she drank. That Marcus had managed to get her to agree to go on a date with him was a feat in and of itself, because she was very finicky and picky about going out with guys. She’d take it personally that he cancelled and never agree to go out with him again. Read more