Not as planned

Since Steven’s mother Lilly remaried, he was very jealous of his step brother Thomas. He was everything Steven ever wanted to be, so when Steven found a body swap potion in a local magic shop he decided to make use of it. The potion was simple. Just make you and the person you want to swap with drink it and before going to sleep you will swap bodies permanently. Steven was aware of the consequences but he did it anyway and poured the potion into a glass of juice when they sat to eat dinner.

When Steven went to bed he was very excited that soon he would have his dream life. Unfortunately he didn’t knew that he mistook the glasses and somebody else drank the potion. When steven was almost asleep he started to feel the potion working. His world was shifting until everything went dark.

When he regained consciousness he realised something was wrong, he wasn’t in Thomas room. “Oh no. Steven cried and grabbed his mouth hearing his mother’s voice come out of it. Steven let out another cry as he looked down and saw a pair of heavy breasts hanging from his chest, covered by a white bra. He grabbed them and noticed his hands were delicate and feminine. His long hair brushed against his back when he reached to grab his crotch and felt nothing betwen his legs. “Oh no, what have i done” Steven said trembling as he looked at his reflection in the mirror.
“Stupid potion. It was suposed to make my life better” Steven cursed the idea of ever using it. Now he was trapped and had to live in his mothers body forever.


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