It’s A Start

Dave was starting to get a little bit worried.

Not because of the switch. That was his idea, after all. He’d always wanted to try being a woman, and so far it’s exceeded his expectations. And since Tina was the one working and they wanted to have kids now, it made a lot of sense.

Not because of the sex, which was also exceeding expectations. Dave was afraid at the start that Tina might change and becoming domineering, but if anything the opposite has happened. She’s nothing but gentle and careful with him, and every time they make love he’s rewarded with multiple orgasms. Tina knows exactly how to make his body respond, and the contrast of her powerful muscles with her light touch on his body somehow makes it even better.

Not because of the pregnancy fetish Tina seemed to be developing. No matter what else they’re doing during sex, Tina always pays attention to his swollen belly. Caressing it, kissing it, carrying him with his stomach cradled carefully… she’s obsessed. Dave can’t remember the last time they made love without his pregnancy starring a central role. It doesn’t even worry him that he’s starting to fantasize about it too, or that Tina just touching his stomach can get him hot and needy.

No, what’s worrying Dave is that he and Tina had always agreed they only wanted three kids max. Which means he can only get knocked up two more times. He figures he has a pretty good chance of convincing her they need to keep doing this… he just needs to figure out where to start the negotiations. He was thinking of asking for 25… but then she might argue him down to 15, and that’s way too much time to spend not being pregnant. 35? 40? Yeah. 40 sounds good.


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