Get It Over With

Steven didn’t believe his doctor when he told him he had been diagnosed with the TG flu. He had seen the news reports, men transforming into the opposite sex over the course of a month, but he couldn’t begin to imagine coming down with it himself.

“How could this of happened,” Steven asked still trying to come to grasps with what awaited him.

“It’s so wide spread now, Steven. The chances of you catching it are higher than ever,” the doctor said, trying to force a reassuring smile.

“Here,” the doctor opened his desk door and pulled out a pamphlet. “This will tell you everything you need to know.”

Steven took it and looked at the face on the pink and blue cover. The face was part man, part woman. The big bold font underneath read:

So, You’re Becoming a Woman

“This sounds like I’m going through puberty,” Steven said jokingly.

“In a way, you are,” the doctor said. “You’ll produce estrogen, grow breasts.”

The doctor paused, rose from his chair and walked over to his office window.

“As for the height and muscle loss, drastic sexual organ morphing and other physical changes… well, science hasn’t really figured out that part of the flu,” he said shrugging.

“So, what? I’m screwed,” Steven said, ready to throw the pamphlet in his face.

The doctor laughed.

“Oh no, Steven. You will undergo the transformation over the course of A MONTH. Your symptoms will last for ONE MORE MONTH. After that, you’ll revert back to your familiar male self.”

“Oh, so it’s temporary,” said Steven sighing.

“Yes,” the doctor then quickly turned away from the window. “But it can be prolonged. Avoid sexual conduct of any kind. Tests have proven that even masturbating can extend symptoms.”

Over the next month, Steven went through his TG flu transformation.

The pamphlet broke it down week by week:

Week 1: Muscle and size loss

Taking the garbage out to the dumpster had become more of a chore. The bag had never been so heavy. Having to lift the bag higher to dump it proved that Steven was getting shorter, too. How many inches had he lost already? Three?

It also didn’t help that none of his shoes fit either. Walking up the stairs to his aprtment, he tripped.

“You ok,” asked a female voice helping him up.

“Yeah,” he lied while trying to bring his voice down to mask his girly tone.

“It’s ok. I went through the same thing.”

Steven looked at the woman who had helped him out. She was a gorgeous tall brunette. A real “girl next door” look about her. She grinned when she caught Steven unconsciously eying her up and down. She caught him trying to stand as tall as possible, Steven obviously uncomfortable being slightly shorter than her.

“I’m Jake. Well, I’ve been going by Jill ever since…” she said smiling, shaking his dainty hand.

“Jake? You live two stories down, yeah? Wow. You’re…”

Steven couldn’t stop staring. He had seen this once former man in the apartment lobby. He was a tall, hunky basketball player with the muscles of a weight lifter. He stood there flabbergasted, witnessing the new female version of him: a person half the size and an absolute babe.

“I know. I can’t get over it myself,” she said adjusting her bra. “It was hard at first but I knew I had to get it over with.”

“Wait, “get it over with”? You mean you wanted to catch the flu?”

“Well, yeah. It was only a matter of time. That’s what they kept saying anyways. Heck, I didn’t even take the month to change. I got it over with in one night.”

“One night? How did you do it,” asked Steven, still staring blankly at Jill’s hot body.

“I’ll show you.”

Without warning, Jill planted her sexy lips on Steven’s and kissed deeply.

“Back to my place,” she said walking seductively down the hall to her apartment.

Steven could only follow her like a horny little lost puppy.

In Jill’s apartment, she laid it out:

“You see, Steve. They say not to ‘do it’ after the transformation. Sex and masturbating can prolong the symptoms. But, having sex WHILE you’re transitioning? You’ll become a woman almost instantly.”

She walked up to Steven and kissed him deeply again. She then grabbed firmly at the front of his pants, his cock hard already.

“Do you want to get it over with,” she asked coyly, kissing him again.

Steven couldn’t say no to her. His animal brain was taking over, thinking only of sex and not of his affliction.

“Oh yes,” Steven said in between deep kisses.

“Awesome,” Jill pulled away from him and began texting wildly. “I have a friend down the hall that would love to help.”

A few drinks and an hour ater, Steven was in heaven. Two hot smoking babes, Jill and Samantha (formerly Sam) were making out with him in bed. Clothes were soon all over the floor and both women began to go to work.

Jill massaged his balls while Sam rubbed his cock. All the while, Steven was in the greatest pleasure he has ever been in. Every rub and stroke sent waves and jolts of pleasure throughout his body like he had never felt before.

He could feel his body becoming thinner and slender again. He was smaller than both of the women now, little of his masculine physique showing. His limbs shrank and muscles melted away. Hands and feet were dainty and he could feel his face tingling and shifting. Every moan of pleasure became more uncontrollable, Steven’s voice becoming higher and higher.

“I can feel it shrinking,” Sam said to Jill. “It’s wild!”

“I know, right? It’s like an icicle melting in your hand,” she replied, rubbing Steven’s diminished balls.

Steven pulled himself out of his pleasure stupor to look down at his changing body.

“Holy shit,” an absolutely female sounding Steven declared.

He almost screamed at the bizarre change. Gone was his hairy chest and legs, replaced with feminine smoothness. His body looked weak and tiny. His chest began to shake and bob more, his nipples erect and thickening. He peered down at the two lovely ladies, entranced in their handy work and yelled out when he saw what was left of his manhood.

“Wait, I… oh.. oh… fuck, it feels so good. Ladies, I don’t know if I want to go through with this. I… I…,” yelped Steven. Even amidst the brand new sensations, he couldn’t think of living without a cock.

“Trust us, baby,” Jill said while still keeping a good pace with her hands. “You won’t miss it.”

“But, but I…oh oh…”

“You’re so close,” they both said in unison.

“But I… don’t, I can’t, I… oh fuck, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna… I… I’m cumming… I’m…!”

And with a screaming climax, the transformation went into over drive. Pert breasts formed on his small frame. His face morphed into that of a cute girl. His waist pulled in fiercely while his hips flared out, his ass plumping up.

Explosions of pleasure erupted out from his tiny cock. Every stroke and rub from Jill and Sam was amazing agony.

“Oh! Oh! It’s happening again! I’m…” Steven squeeled this time. And during his second female orgasm, he felt Jill and Sam’s slender hands stroke what was left of his cock and balls as they folded up into his body. An opening formed between his legs. He could feel flesh being rearranged to form fleshy lips. His cock melted away to a nub that sat neatly above it all. A hot wetness dripped out of his brand new pussy.

“Wow. That… was… insane,” said Steven between breaths. “Again… right now.”

All three flu infected women made love through the night, their symptoms plaguing them indefinitely.


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