No Way: The Bet Part 2

“Just given in. It’s okay, you’ll damage your mind more if you fight it. Then there really is no way back.”

“Fight it? Fight what?” Jake could focus less and less. What was he talking about? Why was he a girl?

“Don’t fight being a woman. I made it so it feels good for you. Face it, you know you like it.”

Jake wasn’t listening. He cupped his boobs and pushed them up and down a bit. This was a nice bra, it really supported his breasts well. His headache subsided momentarily. Now to think of a dress that he could wear it out in…

“Wait, what?! No way I’m going out like this!” And just like that, his headache came crashing back into his head. He ran his hands through his luscious new long blonde hair. Luckily that was ready to go already.

“Going out, eh? Yea, how about that is our next bet. You don’t want to go out? I bet you that you will.”

“Well, if we go out I have to start getting ready like now… NO! Stop it. I am not going out as a girl!”

“Okay, so you accept the bet then?”

Jake made no response. He cupped his breasts and his headache went away again. He did want some attention. ..

“Your silence means you’ve accepted. I have to start thinking about what my prize will be this time.”

Jake still barely heard him. Cupping his breasts like that felt great by itself, never mind the fact that it made his headache go away. He started doing it slightly more aggressively and that brought about a whole lot of new feelings down in his crotch.

“No…” He moaned softly. One hand was already on its way down to his crotch. He could feel how wet he was before he even grazed his new vagina.

“Oh god that feels nice.” He looked up at Mike, who was standing there gaping. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be that big of a deal…

“I didn’t expect it to happen THAT fast.”



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