More Into It Than He Knows

Jeff’s mom used her magic powers to have the daughter she always wanted, telling him it was just a trial and to see what he thought. He was changed into Jenna, and was going with the groove, even dancing as his boobs bounced in his two piece bikini set. His mom desperately wanted grandchildren before she passed however, and Jeff had not provided them. She thought perhaps as a daughter she would, but would need some coercing.

Jeff thought he would just be a lesbian during this ordeal, but his mom had other plans. She put an enchanted necklace around his neck which made him a straight women and increased his sex drive to triple what it was. Jenna’s dance soon stopped when she realized she was starting to find many males at the beach attractive, and was thinking of messing around with them.

“Mom, you did this to me,” yelled Jenna, not sounding so dangerous with her high mousey voice now.

“Yes I did, I wanted grandchildren, and since you seem to be enjoying being my daughter, I assume you’re staying this way, and so you can repay me by giving me exactly what I want. This necklace changes your sexual desires and libido, and once you take it off, it leaves the changes behind on you. So don’t think you’ll rip it off and be a lesbian again, no can do. You like men now baby, I’m afraid, and with your sex drive, I think I’ll be a grandma in nine months. Well have fun, I’m going back to the hotel room to take nap. Feel free to bring someone back with you, Jenna,” laughed her mom.

Jenna was shocked, her mom briefly assumed she was staying a woman, and now was assuming she would sleep with a man and get pregnant at the beach resort. As the guys were looking hot to her, she was sweating and freaking out. Her desires were pulling her one way, her residual maleness another.

Her mom, Loraine, was shocked when Jenna brought not one, not two, but ten men into the room. There was certainty now Loraine would be a grandma, but who the dad would be, was anyone’s guess after the wild night of hot group sex Jenna had with them. Sore and sticky all over the next day, Jenna’s mom made her take the test, and she was pregnant.

Little did either know a the time, but Jenna was carrying triplets, and her mom would have three baby granddaughters in nine months. Jenna was upset about the whole ordeal, but then remembered the hot intense sex being the center of attention, albeit male attention, but attention none the less, and she loved it, she just had to admit it. Luckily she didn’t get an STD’s, as that was the part of her mom’s plan that would have backfired on her own daughter.

Her daughter found out who the dad was, and he was rich, and they later married, lucky for Loraine moneywise, and lucky for Jenna money and sex-wise, as she had lots of needs, with a triple sex drive, and needed fulfilled by her well hung husband Charlie, at least twice a day. Jenna was happier for the better it turned out, and loved the taste of her hubby’s big hard sausage which made her wild with desire.


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