A trip to Japan. Part 7 (@Tgmaniac121)

Kyle just finished unpacking his stuff. Their new apartaments was finally finished and he and his husband could finally settle in. While organizing his wardrobe someone knocked at the door. It was Hideki who came to see how is his sister doing. “Come in” Kyle welcomed him with a smile.

“Wow, you really have a nice place here” Hideki said looking around. They sat down in the living room and got some tea. “How are you holding up?” Hideki asked. “I’m fine, still getting used to the new surroundings” Kyle said. “And how is my nephew?” Hideki asked looking at the pregnant belly. “I think it will be a girl” Kyle said placing his hand on his belly. “We’ll see in a few months” Hideki said.

“Umm, Kyle I…” Hideki struggled to say something. “Kyle? It’s been so long since you called me that. I almost forgot it used to be my name” Kyle laughed. “Well since we’re alone i guess i could call you that. Anyway I never had the chance to apologize” Hideki said. “Apologize? For what?” Kyle asked surprised. “For all of this. For luring you here so you could get changed into a woman instead of me. For my mom forcing you into a life you never wanted. For…” Hideki stopped when Kyle took his hand. “Listen, I’m not mad anymore. It was hard but I accepted who I am. I’m happy to be here. Thanks to you I found my place here and happines, you can’t imagine how much you gave me” Kyle said looking down at his pregnant belly. “I… I don’t know what to say” Hideki was confused. “It’s fine, you don’t have to say anything. I’m glad you’re my brtoher” Kyle hugged him. “I’m glad to have a sister like you, Yuki”.

The end.


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