Night Blooming

“Oh shit, she still got outtttoooooohhhh” Tim moaned in disgust as his male mind took over again. Immediately Tim’s world was sent spinning as his body reached a powerful orgasm, knocking Tim off his unknown partner for the evening in ecstasy. For a solid two minutes, all Tim could do was ride out the waves of uncontrollable pleasure, screams erupting from his mouth. The new weights on his chest still felt foreign to him, especially as they bobbed unhindered with each unwanted convulsion.

A massive puddle sopped into the sheets of the bed under Tim’s wide and spread lower lips. Tim moved his hand down to feel the damage, even now after hours of excitement and fucking, Tim could still feel his pussy re-lubricating itself, driven by a primal hunger that could never be satiated for long. Tim hated his Vagina.

Every day for Tim followed a similar pattern now. It all started 4 months ago while he was piss drunk at a bar. It was all a blur to Tim, he couldn’t remember much, he just remembered screaming at a woman after she allowed Tim to buy her two drinks before declining to come home with him.

“You bitch, I bet you’ve been stringing along every guy at the bar so you could get free drinks for the night.” he slurred, grabbing onto her shoulders trying to keep his balance.

“Excuse me?” she backed away and Tim stumbled again. “You walked up with your first drink and forced it into my hand and then you insisted on another round even though I was completely against having more.”

“and yet you still took them anyway and now I’m still going home alone.”

“Women don’t owe you anything because you insist on buying them drinks at a bar.”

“They should at least know there are certain expectations that come with accepting a drink.”

the woman paused and thought for a moment.

“You probably think that all these single women here tonight are just waiting for some strong stud to whisk them away and fuck their brains out, huh?”

He didn’t know why, but Tim suddenly found himself being incredibly candid with the woman in the bar.

“I mean, look at how they’re dressed, look at what your wearing, those aren’t simple confidence building clothes, those are clothes that scream ‘look at me and how awesome I’ll probably be in bed’ ” Tim stumbled for a third time and reached out again to catch his fall. His hands felt something soft as they landed. Tim looked at his hands, and then ashamedly raised his eyes to the woman.

“That’s it, I was having fun playing with you before, but this is totally unacceptable. You’re never gonna find the type of girl you’re looking for; no girl wants to be what you expect of them, but maybe you can help some other scummy guys find someone similar.” She snapped her fingers and a cloud of smoke enveloped Tim. The woman vanished with the smoke, and Tim began to feel very uncomfortable. He raced to his apartment a few blocks down the road and passed out in a sweaty haze.

Tim woke up the next day and instantly felt off. He had passed out on his stomach, and now there was an intense pressure pushing on his chest. He felt a stirring down in his crotch. Lazily, He rolled off his stomach and brushed the hair out of his face. Wait. Hair out of his face? Tim had a shaved head. Tim sprang up in bed, his new appendages rippling from the sudden movement. Tim started piecing together what he was feeling, slowly his eyes moved down and he let out a high-pitched feminine scream.

He could not believe what he was seeing, there were massive breasts hanging off his chest. There was no other explanation for what he was experiencing, somehow he had become a woman. For a while, Tim just laid in bed hiding from the world. Maybe the whole thing was a fever dream he thought. But an hour passed, and Tim didn’t wake up. This was no dream.

Reluctantly, Tim sat up again and slid out of bed. He was not used to the trip his feet had to take to reach the floor. Tim realized he must have lost a good six inches of height overnight. He struggled to find his new center of balance as the mounds on his chest worked to pull him down. The floor was scattered with items that Tim couldn’t see and constantly tripped over, each stumble sending his new breasts into another fit of bouncing that Tim wished would stop. Fumbling around, Tim found the light-switch so he could have more light than the little cracking through window curtains. He flicked it on.

“Oh shit…”

His entire room was different. It was the same apartment building, and the same room, with the same layout, but everything in the room was NOT Tim’s. He looked around, spotting a drawer of panties half open and haphazardly organized. He thumbed through the drawer and his heart sank. There was not one piece of modest underwear in the whole collection. Everything was something he’d expect a stripper or one of the girls he slept with that he considered sluts to wear. Every item focused on lifting something or drawing the eye towards something instead of covering up. Tim was disgusted, but again he felt his crotch stir. It was a sensation totally foreign to Tim.

The top of the dresser was scattered with swaths of makeups and jewelry boxes. At least this woman appeared to be as disorganized as Tim. No way did Tim want anything to do with the items he saw on the table. But again he felt…was it yearning in his bottom half? Tim shuddered at the thought and pushed it out of his mind. He had no idea how to use make up, and no desire to ever learn. Just because he woke up a woman, didn’t mean he was suddenly going to start conforming as one. Hell, who said women needed to wear makeup anyway?

Finally, Tim came across a full body mirror. He was reluctant to take a look. Seeing what he was feeling would only confirm what Tim knew was true at this point, and Tim was holding out hope that this was still all just some fever induced delirium. Eventually, through no will of his own, his eyes fell on his reflection in the mirror.

“Damn,” he thought. “This is really happening, isn’t it.”

Who he saw in the mirror blew him away. The woman could be no older than 22 or 23. Every line and curve seemed deliberately sculpted to entice any male mind whose eyes fell on them. Even Tim found it hard to not immediately jump the girl he saw in the mirror. Jet black hair flowed down to the middle of her back. A few locks seemed out of step with the rest of his new mane. He tried to fix it, but found some other hair fell out of place instead. The rumbling in his crotch becoming harder to ignore. He was kind of annoyed how he couldn’t get it organized. It looked like he had a permanent case of just-had-sex hair.

His face was actually already made-up, much to Tim’s dismay, and like the hair, it too had the appearance of being slightly askew. The lipstick appeared smudged and his eyes and blush looked like they had been smeared by sweat from the night before. Again he tried to clean it, tried to even touch it up, but it always looked like she was just getting back from a crazy night on the town.

The face was a sexy one though, one Tim wouldn’t have hesitated taking advantage of and throwing away at the first opportunity. Her eyes were smokey and half open, her lips were almost pursed as they sat there. Her resting expression made her look like she was about to moan in pleasure. She tried to change it, only to make an even more enticing expression.

She soon forgot about her facial problems as her eyes started working their way down her body. Damn, she thought, those are some incredible breasts. His male mind was turned on, and his female body responded. Finally, she admitted what the feeling in her crotch was. Her body was getting extremely aroused.

“Damn, these things are, like, totally heavy” her new sultry voice almost cooed. Below her chest, she caught the site of an unopened rosebud on the left side of her waist.

“Great, and I’ve got this, like, slutty little tattoo on me too.” She finally noticed her voice. “And like, why am I talking like I want to ride some studs big beefy cock?” She slapped her hands over her mouth in shock. That was definitely not how she intended to frame that question.

She looked at the bud tattoo again. Was it flowering? The pedals looked like they were opening extremely slowly.

“Don’t worry” A voice told Tim. “I’ll show you what the flower means soon enough”

“Like, who are you, why are you doing this?”

“Why I’m Tina silly, and I didn’t do this, someone else did. I’m just a part of you now, really I am you now. You are Tina just as much as I am really.”

“What? But like,I’m not Tina, I’m Tina. No, I’m Tina. T. I. nnnnnnnN. A. Tina. Ugh!” Tim sulked onto the bed.

“Yea Tina, your old self is long gone, just go ahead and try to tell someone you’re a man.”

Tim tried “I’m horny” she said. And instantly, the statement was true. “Oh god.” Tim couldn’t resist, without thinking her hand moved down and began probing the new slit she was so reluctant to acknowledge. It felt so foreign as she began massaging her clit, each circular motion of her finger sending shock waves up her spine. She moaned uncontrollably. It just felt so good. Tim wanted to stop, but every urge was telling her to probe, to penetrate, it was the only way to stop the hunger she was feeling. Her finger finally plunged into her pussy, it was soaking. She didn’t realize women could lubricate this well. (Actually most were just extremely uncomfortable around Tim in bed)

Her finger slid right in. She wasted no time getting up to speed, instantly her fingers were thrashing in and out of her new slit. The pleasure was unreal and made Tim incapable of focusing on anything else. She didn’t care that her fluids were getting everywhere, or that she could probably be heard clear across the building. Thoughts of disgust or revulsion of what she was doing or who she had become were gone in that moment. She was lost in pure pleasure. After a few minutes that felt like an eternity, Tim had her first female orgasm. An orgasm that she would experience every time she experienced sexual pleasure from now on.

She couldn’t see or think; all of her conscious brain cells were concentrated solely on the pleasure of her climax and the physical sensations up and down her body. Her body screamed in pleasure. Screamed because it felt so good that the sexual energy could not be contained within her body. Tim hated it, this was completely out of her control. Finally, minutes later, the shocks from her pussy began to taper; Tim caught her breath.

“You might not want to try talking about who you were with anyone in public.” The voice said.

“Oh, and that hungry tingling feeling is always going to be there. No matter the time, or situation. Begging for something, or someone to fuck that beautiful pussy of yours.” Tina laughed.

“We’re going to have so much fun!”

All Tim could do was lie there panting. The last 2 hours had been unreal. Last night she had gone to sleep a man, now she had just experienced her first female orgasm.

“You’ll never be able to contain those by the way. Those orgasms are always going to send you reeling on the floor.” The voiced added.

“You won’t be able to contain me either. That’s what the flowers for. Once it’s bloomed each day, I’ll be in total control until…well… I don’t want to spoil the surprise today.” the voice laughed again.

“Look I don’t know if you pissed someone off or accidentally did this to yourself, doesn’t matter, this is how it’s going to work from now on. There’s no going back to your male self, no one even thinks he existed. To the entire world, you’ve always been Tina.”

Tim cried. This was too much to handle. She didn’t normally cry, but maybe this was part of whatever was happening to her. She tried to lie down. She could for maybe an hour, but began feeling restless. She decided she’d at least try to go about her day in the house. No way was she going out with any of the clothes she could find in her apartment. All of them left her waist and that stupid tattoo completely exposed.

By mid day she had ended her rebellion against her wardrobe and picked out an outfit. She justified that she couldn’t stay naked around the house forever. She sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror. All she found herself wearing was a white bandeau and a pair of jean shorts that barely went passed her ample ass. She wanted to add an additional layer to her top but couldn’t bring herself to do it. She looked at the tattoo. Two pedals had fully opened.

She laid around the house the rest of the afternoon terrified about how she was going to face life moving forward. She couldn’t just hide in her apartment forever, as much as she would like to. She looked at the clock, it was close to 5 in the afternoon now. Tim really needed to piss. She had been holding out for so long. For some reason this seemed to be a particular humiliating gesture for Tim. She had no choice but to sit down on the toilet to unload her bladder. The ultimate punishment for Tim she thought. Little did she know.

She flushed and looked at herself in the Mirror again. She saw the flower, it looked like the final pedal was opening. Tim started feeling dizzy and immediately blacked out.

Just as quickly as she had black out, Tim was conscious again, and being thrust against a bed by an unknown force. She looked up and saw the profile of a man in the shadows of the room on top of her. Immediately Tim was hit with another Earth shattering orgasm.

After a few minutes of catching her breath, Tim passed out on her bed. When she woke up the next morning, the unknown man was gone, he hadn’t left a note or any trace behind.

“Well wasn’t that just the most fun night ever” Tina chimed in. Tim was humiliated. Within 24 hours he had gone from hitting on women as a guy, to being pile driven into uncontrollable orgasm as a living male wet-dream by a guy who wouldn’t even stick around in the morning. Tim needed a plan. She saw the flower on her hip. It had closed back up into a bud. Now she knew why the bud opened through the day. It was Tina coming out and taking over.

Every night soon followed the same flavor, Tina would take over, go out, find a guy to bring home, let him fuck her brains out, and would give control back to Tim just as their body was reaching orgasm. Sometimes Tim would black out, sometimes she would see everything, as a powerless passenger in her own body. She tried restraining Tina, tying herself up and trying to keep her in, but Tina saw everything Tim did, and knew exactly how to undo any blockade Tim could come up with.

Tim was doomed for this life for all eternity. Her body never aged, her male mind was never able to reconcile what would happen each night, since it never got to make the conscious decision to have sex with someone. She lived in an eternal state of disgust and arousal, shame and pleasure. The witch at the bar could only laugh every time she checked in on Tim. Tim would be stuck living exactly how she thought all women that went out on the town behaved.


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