Belinda Balloons

Henry told the Life Change Clinic, do whatever it takes, and spare no expense in giving him a completely new life. One doctor there got a devious idea, wanting to test out their new gender change techniques.

“You sure you don’t want to be more specific, Henry,” the doctor asked trying to get a vague answer so he could proceed.

“Just change my life okay?”

“Fine, Henry, don’t you worry, I will,” said the doctor smiling.

A day later the doctor said, “Wake up Belinda Balloons. Welcome to your new life!”

“Belinda Balloons? What the… my body, my voice, I’m a… I’m a…,” said the new Belinda in horror.

“You asked for a new life, and didn’t specify, so we took the liberty of trying our new gender change tech. What do you think, Belinda? Do you like your “balloons”? Don’t forget you signed for this, so there’s nothing you can do now,” said the doctor.

“But… but… OH MY GOSH… I… have a… under this dress I have a…, FLIPPIN PUSSY! OH MY GOODNESS THESE ARE SO HEAVY! All this hair now, my chest is huge, ugh these nails are long, and these hands so small. Ugh what’s on my feet, HEELS? Really? I’m just a woman, and now I’m already in heels?! I’M FLIPPIN’ HUGE,” said the new Belinda.

“Now calm down my dear, we will help you through the change here at the clinic. You said you wanted a new life and spare no expense, so we gave you just that. You have a completely new life now! No one would even know it was ever you, Henry, in that beautiful buxom body! Try to embrace the change, you wanted change, I gave it to you! You are hot for sure, get a look,” said the doctor.

Henry walked to the mirror, trying to adjust to the weights on his chest, the huge hips and ass, and the high heels all at the same time while walking. It felt so weird to even walk now, with this new body.

Astonished by how sexy he now was, he smiled just a bit.

“Hmm perhaps I’ve been a bit hasty, I do look hot for sure. I would do me if I was the old me that is. Hmm maybe this isn’t so bad after all, I could get used to this,” said the new Belinda.

“Good, Belinda. Hopefully you have a great new life,” said the doctor.

“What about my orientation, has that changed? Am I still into chicks, even though I am one,” said Belinda.

“That is for you to find out, but the way we changed you, more than likely you are into men now, but we’ll see. Let me unzip and see how you react,” said the doctor, horny at the site of what he had made possible.

Belinda looked at the doctor’s cock and shuddered, “Oh my word I just want to get my lips around that now. It looks so tasty, I can’t believe myself.”

“Believe it Belinda, in fact if you want, you can stay on in the clinic, as our moral boosting sexretary if you want, your choice,” said the doctor.

Belinda replied, “Why don’t I take this one step at a time, starting with your sexy cock.”

Belinda went from getting her dick sucked as Henry to sucking dick as Belinda, all in a matter of a day. What a change this was!


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