Can’t Look Away

“Look, I know your tiny now, but that’s no reason to stare at my chest like that,” my wife said looking at me sitting on the bathroom sink. I couldn’t help it though. A few weeks ago she had been an A-cup, if that, but now? I think the only size appropriate would be D-for damn! Everything about them was perfect: from they’re soft roundness, to her constantly hard and perky nipples.
What wasn’t perfect, however, was how she got them. For a while everything was fine, she had made a wish for bigger boobs in some silly magic wishing well. It obviously didn’t work, and so we just went on as normal. But after about a week things started to change. After sex I’d notice she had grown a bit. Not just in the chest department, but taller as well. When I was eye-level with her boobs, I knew it was time to say something to her, as if she hadn’t noticed for herself.
It turned out she had added a little condition to her wish: her breasts would grow every time I came. What she hadn’t foreseen was that I would shrink every time they did. She hadn’t been growing-taller, that is. I had been shrinking.
“On second thought,” she said, pulling me back to the present. “Stare all you want. I can already see you getting hard, and I know what comes after that…” She reached up and grabbed her tits, bringing them close to me. “Just look at them,” she said lustfully, and I could feel something rising down below. “Can you just imagine what they’ll be like if they get even bigger?” I could, and I definitely wanted to see it. I let myself spray all over her erect nipples, and as though that was what had held my height, I shrunk a few more inches. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from those tits though, as they grew even bigger before my eyes. My wife’s fantastically huge tits. Her tits that I was going to make even bigger…


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