Cheater’s Treat

Ted got the note in the bathroom, “For the cheater who loves to cheat, you will lose your meat. Soon you’ll find meat you do not have, but is now a tasty treat. You’re new form with be soft and petite, and soon you’ll be up on heels with your tiny new feet.”

Ted suddenly felt his cock and balls vanish, and was in shock, the look on his new face said it all, he cheated one too many times, and now he lost his “meat” (his cock), now he likes “meat” (guy’s cocks), his new form is soft and petite (a small woman’s form), and heels on his tiny new feet (high heels on his small new female feet).

His girlfriend walked in on him, seeing her magical handiwork, and seeing as stunned small young woman standing near the bathroom entrance, “I hope you like the results of your cheating ways, Ted. Wait no that won’t do, how about Trisha Tart? That sounds better, and you are one sexy tart now Trisha! Also, I hope you like sucking cocks, you are into guys now and super horny for dick. I hope you get used and abused like you did me, then finally you might learn your lesson completely. No worries though, I have no intention of changing you back ever, so you’ll get to suck and fuck on the receiving end for the rest of your life, and with your new desires, you won’t be able to resist. Have a nice life Ms. Tart!”

The new Trisha stood there dumbfounded, and mumbled surprised at her new voice, “But… but… why?”

“Why because you were a cheating bastard, and now you can be a used bitch,” said his soon to be ex.


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