New mindset

The other players were watching me as I masturbated in my new body. I kept shouting in French.
“- Oh oui, oh oui…”
Stupid card game. It’s been an hour that we’re playing and my hopes of getting back to my original form are decreasing with time.
Of course I can’t really complain. I mean, I became a very sexy woman. I hate this accent that I have now but it’s no big deal compared to some others.

My best friend was now a cat, and worst of all, he was nowhere to be found. My girlfriend had become a fat kid, and gosh, she was extremely annoying. I couldn’t stand her anymore, she looked so… poor and dirty. Oh yes, that’s one of my new mental traits, I think like some upper-class white bitch from the rich neighborhoods.
I hate myself for that, but I just can’t help it. That’s why it’s really weird for me to see one of my other friend who become a black woman. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a racist as well and I really hope that I won’t have to swap bodies with her.

In the end, with this new mindset, I kind of wish that I’ll stay like this.


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