A deception I can live with

When my girlfriend Kayla suggested bringing another girl into bed I had images of threesomes in my mind, of plowing my dick into some hot blonde while she licked Kayla’s pussy, of glancing down at both of them as they sucked my dick and shared cum glazed kisses. Basically everything in my head consisted of me going to town on two beautiful blondes.

As I relaxed on the couch Kayla sauntered in wearing nothing but a sexy stare, her right hand holding a wine glass. She straddled me, her wonderful C cup tits right at eye level. As I leaned it to start giving them the attention they so richly deserved, she pulled away, instead bringing the wine glass to my lips and instructing me to drink. When a hot, naked, and clearly horny blonde tells you to do something, you don’t argue, and the wine slipped past my lips. It had a rich, sweet taste, and wasn’t like any wine I had ever had, but it was delicious and in a few seconds the glass was empty.

Kayla smiled, and set the glass on the table, then turned her attention back to me, immediately pulling me into a deep kiss. Traces of the wine swapped as our tongues danced, and I pulled her close, feeling her delicious breasts press against me. That’s when things started changing. As we embraced, I could feel a pressure building on my chest, and Kayla seemed to be pushed away from me slightly. Momentarily breaking our kiss, I looked down and saw my chest expanding, filling out my white t-shirt.

“So this is what Kayla meant by another girl.” I thought to myself. Feminizing potions were nothing new, and I figured “what the hell, when in Rome.” The potions were always temporary so I decided to enjoy myself. Kayla smiled and she watched me come to terms with what was happening. Knowing what was going to happen I immediately peeled off my shirt, a pair of small perky tits taking shape on my once flat chest. I then pulled Kayla close again and our tongues continued to dance. I could feel my entire body steadily slimming down, but at the same time my chest expanding outward, and soon a pair of healthy tits were sitting high on my chest, my nipples rock hard and grinding against Kayla’s, sending off little electric jolts of pleasure.

Normally those jolts of pleasure would have had me rock hard, but I could feel my insides shifting, and my dick being retracted into my body, so instead of being rock hard, I felt a very warm wetness growing between my now slim legs. Finally my shoulders tickled as strawberry blonde hair cascaded down my neck, and came to rest shortly below my shoulders. Kayla smiled and said, “so, are you ready to have your mind blown.”

I could only nod my head eagerly and she made her way down my now tight and toned tummy, and pulled my now too large basketball shorts down. Looking down I could see a swollen nub where my once proud dick stood, and Kayla looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes as her tongue flicked my new clit for the first time. I was immediately breathless, as I had not been prepared for the sensations, it was as if every nerve ending in my dick was concentrated into one little bud of pleasure. It wasn’t long before I was thrashing in pleasure as my first female orgasm hit me. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced as a guy, and I could feel pleasurable sensations throughout my body as wave after wave of pleasure ran through me.

After I had come down from my orgasmic high, I immediately flipped around, diving my own face into Kayla’s wonderful pussy, she returned the favor, her fingers plunging into me and her tongue continuing it’s assault on my clit as we ate each other out. Needless to say it was a long night of licking, sucking, fingering, with juices flowing late into the night. Finally, after we had both cum at least half a dozen times, we fell asleep, our gorgeous female bodies intertwined.

When I woke up I was back to my male self, and Kayla was still fast asleep. Untangling myself from her wonderful body I made my way to the kitchen where I found the wine bottle and a small vial half full of pink liquid. I looked at it intently at it for a moment before making my decision.

I immediately downed it, and within minutes felt my body shift back into the wonderfully hot blonde from the night before. I went back to Kayla’s sleeping form, and decided to have a breakfast of blonde pussy. She immediately woke up, but her only response was a smile and her hand on the back of my head forcing me closer to her soft pink petals. As I brought her to a good morning orgasm, I couldn’t help but think about how much fun the rest of the day was going to be.

As I later found out, I was going to get more than the rest of the day as the vial had a label that said “warning, dilute in liquid before drinking. Concentrated doses will result in permanent transformation.”


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