Never going back

I made the mistake of pissing off a witch, I mean she had it coming, all I was doing was offering to buy her a drink and she blew me off much harsher than I deserved. Ok so maybe calling her a frigid bitch was a bit much, but I still don’t think I deserved this.

“Frigid bitch am I?” she cackled, well, I think I’ll turn you into the opposite of what you accuse me. How about 24 hours as a slutty co-ed to teach you a lesson. If you’ve learned your lesson after 24 hours come find me.” I thought she was nuts but before I could utter another word or turn and leave she muttered a few words and the universe instantly shifted on me. Suddenly I was peering at the world through a pair of glasses, and my entire body felt different. Looking down I was greeted by a large amount of cleavage that wasn’t there a minute ago, and glancing at my legs they were encased in a pair of jeans so tight they might as well have been painted on.

My new slutty desires took over and I found myself drawn to a stud playing pool with his buddies. As I went over to them I instantly caught his attention. He was about 6’3″ and very well muscled. Using my full arsenal of curves, it wasn’t long before I had this hunk eating out of the palm of my hand. My objective was to get him eating my pussy though. It wasn’t long before he took me back to my place and instantly ripped my clothes off. He started kissing me, and I returned it, but romance wasn’t what I was looking for.

Pushing him away for a moment, I gave him an evil look and said, “I want it rough.” He was more than willing to accommodate, and quickly ripped my shirt off, and pulling my pants to the floor. He quickly cupped my bubbly ass and lifted me up as his own pants hit the floor. I nearly lost it as the bulbous head of his cock penetrated my pussy, the sensations foreign and wonderful. He pinned me up against the wall of his living room, one of my arms wrapped around him for support as his dick sawed into my pussy, which was now leaking with wetness.

The feeling of being penetrated as well as being carried was too much, and I let loose a deep sexy moan as the orgasm ripped through me. We fucked 3 more times that night, each time more intense than the last, and by the end I could barely walk so exhausted was I from cumming and being fucked. The guy, I never got his name, then kicked me out, and as I walked down the hall another college aged guy whistled at my disheveled and slutty look.

All it took was a few words before I was pushing him into his apartment, my body ready to fuck again. I never did make it to witch to get turned back, deciding being a slutty co-ed was a life I could get behind. Just like all the guys that were getting behind me.


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