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A Mind of Their Own Returned 4

“You know, it’s kind of lonely,” we heard Bobbi say.
“What are you talking about? What about your friends, Tori and Carol? They certainly love to play with us, no, me.” It was hard to keep my single consciousness. I was slipping further into my split mind by the day.
“Me?” Bobbi said with sass. “Now which tit said that, this one-” She lifted my right half, and squeezed it. I felt my flesh squishing between her fingers. “Or this one-” She let our right half fall, and grabbed at left side, squeezing that side of us too.
“It was both of us!” we shouted, and she let our left side drop with a slap.
“Good. Remember: you aren’t one anymore. You’re my girls. And speaking of girls, Tori and Carol are great, but you know what would make them even better? Giving them their boobs back, and giving them a mind of their own too. They are my breast friends, after all…” Bobbi said threateningly, tucking us into a bra before putting on the rest of her clothes. I heard the front door slam, and I wobbled slightly in the constricting garment. I knew we were going back to the witch…

A Mind of Their Own Part 3

“Uuhh…our head,” my voice said, rousing me from sleep. Wait, why would me own voice wake me up? And why did my body feel like it had been split in two? I tried to open my eyes, but everything was dark. I tried to stand up, but couldn’t. I did feel movement however. My whole self shook and quaked, before settling down.
“We did it,” my voice said, though I had said nothing. “Now SHE’S the boobs! That dumb bitch won’t lay on us anymore!”
What? No! I don’t want to be my own tits! I felt a pinch on my nipple. The waves of pleasure shut me up quick.
“Too bad!” my voice boomed down at me. They could hear my thoughts. “WE didn’t like being YOUR boobs! But now you don’t even have boobs. You’re OUR tits now.” They lifted me, and then let me drop, slapping painfully against my-their body.
I wobbled, bumping against myself and shaking more as they walked over to examine themselves in the mirror.
“Wow. We were bangin’!” they shouted, giving me a squeeze. I moaned.
“Hey, shut up down there!” they mocked. “You’re ours now, not the other way around, so from now on you’ll be listening to us, okay?”
“Yes…” I said quietly. They reached up and twisted my nipple.
“What was that?”
“Yes!” I shouted in extreme pain.
“That’s better. Now, why don’t we show her how much bras suck?”

A Mind of Their Own Part 2

Ugh, they were bickering…again!
“Shut up girls, or I’ll really do it!” I shouted aloud at my tits.
The first said, “Yeah, right. If I gained a cup size every time you said that-“
“-and didn’t do it, we’d be down to your knees!” finished the second.
“Alright, fine.” I walked over to my bed. They thought they could call my bluff? I’d make them regret it.
I knelt onto my bed before getting down on all fours. I slowly lowered myself closer towards the mattress. My nipples brushed against the covers.
“Hey, what’s going on?” one of my boobs shouted to me. Then I let go with my hands, and came crashing down onto the bed.
“Aaahh!” they shouted in unison. But then I realized…my voice had said the same.
“Can you get the fuck off of us? Stupid bitch!” my voice shouted, but they wasn’t my words: they were theirs.
“What’s happening?” I squeaked out. When I spoke my voice sounded somehow distant. Then I felt the pressure. It felt like my whole body was being compacted! I shot up to my knees again, and the pressure was gone.
“What was happening to me?

A Mind of Their Own – Pregnant

“How am I?” Tori’s body shouted at Bobbi and Brit (the name Carol’s boobs had decided to go by). “I’m fucking pregnant! It’s not like it’s a walk in the park being this big!”
“Virginia, calm down,” Tori’s vagina had decided to go by the name Virginia. “You wanted to be pregnant, remember? And it’s not like you’re alone: I got knocked up too.” Bobbi lifted her shirt, revealing her large belly and massively swollen tits.
“I know, and at least I get to push this baby out of Tori in a few months. It’ll be rough on me, but I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like for her,” she slapped her pussy, just to make her point. “Speaking of our former owners, Bobbi, I bet your girls are just loving this.” She walked over, and suckled on one of Bobbi’s tits.
“Shut up!” Bobbi shouted. “You’re mine now, and I’ll let her do whatever she wants to you.”
Virginia dropped the tit, letting it slap against Bobbi’s belly. “Brit, what about you? Look at that belly of yours: it could do with some filling up.”
“No!” she shouted. “We-we don’t want to get full. Then she’ll have to milk us…”
Bobbi sighed. “Brit, only half of your mind is your boobs, so you’d be milking yourself!” Only one of Carol’s tits made the transfer with her mind, so now Carol was her right tit, and Brit was her left. Unfortunately for both, their mind was equally split.
Virginia reached out, and pinched one of Brit’s nipples. She let out a very personal yelp.
“Fine, we’ll let you be for now, but you’ll come around to the idea eventually.”

Too Far Part 3

Its been so many generations, so many lives and so many, too many men, lovers and far too many husbands in my lifetimes for me to ever feel comfortable again. But i’m almost there. I’m currently inhabiting my mothers body on her wedding night, the night i’m conceived. Read more

Too Far Part 4

Damn it. I was so close. So many sacrifices, my own happiness time and time again for one and its all been for NOTHING!!! Read more

Get his fortune

Clark slowly opened his eyes, his head was pounding as he srtuggled to get up. He sat on the edge of the bed and gazed at his body, he grabbed the the two mounds on his chest feeling their softnes in his hands.
“I see you’re awake” he heard a voice behind him. “How are you feeling?”. Clark turned back “I could have been better” he said.
“Don’t worry, i’ll give you some painkillers. More important, do you remember the plan” Doctor Grey asked. “Sure” Clark assured him and stood up, he woobled as he tried to not lose his balance in the heels he was wearing, he walked around the room to get used to them. “Good, this will work out perfectly” Doctor Grey said with an evil grin on his face. “Everything is ready, but what about her” Clark pointed at his original body lying unconscious. “Don’t worry, she will have amnesia when she wakes up, she won’t remember anything. I made sure to wipe out all of her memories” The doctor said and turned to his desk. “Now go, i have still some work to do. And remember do not fail me” Doctor Grey reminded him. “You can count on me” Clark said and left. Read more

A Mind of Their Own Friends

“Wow! I can’t believe you managed to give us out tits back!” Tori, or maybe Carol, said to Bobbi. “I thought they’d be gone for-hey, who said that?”
“M-my breasts just talked!” it was already too late for them. We knew Bobbi would be smirking right now, reveling in what she had done. Soon, Tori and Carol would be just like us: two fat globes on our mistress’s chest.
“That’s right,” Bobbi said finally. “Your tits are alive: they have minds of their own now, just like mine.”
“Bobbi, what are you talking about?” Carol said.
“Just wait and see. I had the witch give you both a particularly potent dose.”
“Hey, hands off!” one of the girls shouted. She must have grabbed her breasts. Bobbi wasn’t kidding, it was much more potent for them.
“No, no…” the other girl mumbled. “I feel so…loose… so…fat. So-uhhh…” I can only assume she reached up to her chest, the first pleasure overtaking her speech. “So free…” her voice continued, though with a different tone. “Finally, we’re free… Now… now SHE’S the tits!”
“Aaaaahhhhh…” Tori finally said after so much silence, obviously deep in pleasure. “Mmm… I-I’m in control now… now I can shove my fingers inside HER,” Tori chuckled.
“What’s she talking about?” we asked Bobbi, who voiced our question.
“You two were just their tits,” Tori replied. “Do you know how hard is is being a fucking vagina?!” The spell must have gone somewhere else for her…
“But now Tori is going to learn how hard it is. Maybe I’ll get her waxed this week, see how she likes it? Or maybe…yes…”
“What?” Bobbi asked.
“I’m going to go get fucked. Who knows, maybe in a few months something will be coming out of her…” Tori’s body ran away, and I knew Bobbi ran after her, because I felt myself flopping everywhere. “Wait for us!” Carol’s tits shouted with her mouth. This wasn’t going to be good for us, Tori, or Carol…

Too Far Part 2

When my vision blurred and i felt my mind shift away from my sweat drenched body i thought i’d succeeded in making my way back home again. Read more