Magic Bra

When my girlfriend told me she had a magic bra I laughed pretty obnoxiously at her and called her a dumb bimbo. She said
“How about this? You wear that bra for fifteen minutes and then we can do whatever you want.”
I agreed automatically and threw the bra on. I felt pretty ridiculous but i figured it was worth. I started to walk towards my girlfriend and that’s when i noticed the jiggled. I had grown tits! They were small and perky so i started to jiggle the bra some more. My chest started to get bigger and i could feel other changes happening as well. My lips were getting softer and my hair was growing out. I could feel my IQ drop as all i could seem to think about was sex. That’s when my girlfriend took the bra off me and looked my up and down.
“Well your fifteen minutes are up. So what do you wanna do?”
I was still in shock but i knew exactly what i wanted.
“Maybe you could show me how to work your dildo?”


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