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Dream come true? Part 3

We were sharing a bath when i finally took back some modicum of control. The wedding, the honeymoon, the days and nights sharing my “husbands” bed, i remember it all. Apparently i’m called Emily now, married to Senator Jacob Barnes. Read more

Feeling a little bit exposed.

Jason bent over the computer in the dead of night still trapped in the form of a beautiful young woman feeling a little bit exposed in the very short flimsy nightie he was wearing. Read more

Respect your Privacy

Look, i get that you want to get laid. I get that you somehow figured out how to put my mind in the body of your perverted wetdream. I get that you can do things to my mind that has me aching to jump your bones at the very mention of your name. But you forgot that your dream girl is at least a foot taller than you. So put the panties down and come to bed before i kick your ass.