Love and kisses

I had to be born in this body not my bitch sister. Well it doesn’t matter now, thanks to the magic coin now she is at summer camp while I’m here in her body for all summer. I’m going to truly enjoy, finally I can decide how to dress her up now this is my body, maybe I’ll keep it forever who knows …

My boobs seems even bigger from here, I choose a nice shirt to let see my full cleavage and tight jeans to value my curves, a style a bit ‘casual but I have to go out with my new friends and I want they think I’m Emily, it will not be a problem to impersonate her, I know everything about her: her phone, facebook , instagram password and his way of acting bitchy, but over time I want to be a better version of her more beautiful and envied.
I must admit it was the last good idea of my sister return singles for the summer so I can enjoy myself.
I can finally go to parties and clubs, getting drunk without being embarrassed,and moving my sexy ass on the dance floor with everyone looking at me-giggle-
-driin- “oh a message”

Chloe: “Hi Emily! 🙂 We are almost there to get you, but I have good news… at the bar there will be Josh !!!! we know you have a crush on him … :)))))) dress sexy!!”

“Splendid” I can’t wait to steal not only her body and life but even her crush but first better to send one last selfie to my little brother.
“Hi little bro :). I hope you’re having fun at the camp, enjoy the summer, I certainly will … oh one last question, do you think Josh will like the way I’m dressed, am I hot enough ??? I want him to feel my boobs and fuck in my pussy. Bye bye BRO . Thank you!Love and Kisses : ***”


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