I stopped him as he approached the stairs. “Son, can I see your fishing license?”
“Oh sorry, officer. I don’t have one,” the man said. I reached into my back pocket to grab my ticket book.
“Fishing without a license is against the law, I’m going to have to write you a ticket.”
“Very funny, Kelli. You’re not a cop.”
What? Why did he say that to me?
“My uh…” My thoughts trailed as I tried to reply. I’m obviously a cop! I’m in uniform? My name isn’t Kelli, it’s… uh…it’s not Kelli!
“You’re my girlfriend, Kelli, remember? Golly you can be such a ditz sometimes!”
My mind felt so mushy as he talked. How did he know my name was Kelli? Why am I in this dumb police uniform, I’m not a cop? Maybe I should take it off. I should be wearing a bikini or somethin, I’m at the beach!
I felt his hand smack against my ass and a small moan slipped out of my mouth. Josh is always like this! Everytime we, like, go out in public he always gets me so fucking horny!
“Josh stop it!” I purred back at him.
“Why would I, Kelli? Don’t you like it?”
I bit my lip. “Well… uh… yeah. Hehe”
“Good, cause I’m gonna fuck your hot body right here on the beach. Let me just put this fish in my car.”
I played with the straps of my bra as I looked down and smiled. I have such a good boyfriend!


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