Welcome to womanhood

“Welcome to the sisterhood ! You’re all woman now just like us. ” said my doctor as she checked my new female equipment between my legs after my genetic re-sequencing treatment which turned me into a girl.

“My my…you’re a lucky girl. You have a beautiful pussy between your legs. Your labia looks fine, your clitoris seems to be on an average size, your vagina is in good condition, your urethral opening is normal and your cervix looks well enough from here. You can have normal sex life as a woman and can conceive if you wish to. You are a healthy fertile female just like half the population of the world. As far as I’m concerned, you’ll have no problem self lubricating and achieving orgasms when you’re aroused. You should be able to pee sitting down like us. And don’t forget, you have to wipe your hoo-ha front to back. Not back to front. Okay? you’re prone to UTI’s just like us now. You don’t have a penis, all you have is a little hole. So take good care of it.” she said as I was lying with my legs opened.


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