When my friend invited me to his place, I thought it was to play videogames. But as soon as I entered his home, he said some strange words that made me light headed. I felt like I was inside a bottle. I could see and hear everything, but sound was kind of muted. “Put this on” I barely heard him said. I saw my hand reach out and grab the clothes he asked me to put on. It was weird, I couldn’t control my body.

I saw how my body took all my clothes off, and put some undies and a babydoll. It didn’t look good on me, after all I am a man. “You are a 24 year old woman” he said. I looked down, and to much of my surprise, I saw breasts sticking out of my chest. My hands looked quite feminine too. Some hair was covering my face. “Your hair is blonde”, I saw the pigmentation of my hair change. “Looking at me turns you on” he said. I felt wet, down there. I could even feel my pussy throbing. I was scared, I knew where this was going, and I didn’t want to take any part of it. I was yelling inside my head “let me go! turn me back!”, but my body was not saying a thing.

“From now on you will call me master” he said. I couldn’t believe master had turned me into a woman. My body was craving sex with master, but my mind was still calling for help. He walked towards me, and spoke in my ear. “You are, and you have always been a woman. What ever thought you have of ever being a man has faded away”. As master said those words, my worries faded away, I just wanted to please him. “You are free to move Kim, yo can do anything you please. From now on you will experience everything”. The whole muted sound became clear. I took a step forward, and took my babydoll off with one motion. “I want sex master” I said.

I walked sexily towards him, and pushed him to his bed. I made master happy, and I can tell he enjoyed everything I did to him. Oh, and his tongue inside my pussy felt insane. I am so glad to have him as my master.


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