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Some habits die hard

Tom smoked a pack a day. He didn’t want to quit, no matter how much preasure his parents, his girlfriend or his friends put on him. So I gave him a subliminal recording, something that will change his habits in a few days. Of course he didn’t know what it was, he thought it was just a common music player. Read more


When my friend invited me to his place, I thought it was to play videogames. But as soon as I entered his home, he said some strange words that made me light headed. I felt like I was inside a bottle. I could see and hear everything, but sound was kind of muted. “Put this on” I barely heard him said. I saw my hand reach out and grab the clothes he asked me to put on. It was weird, I couldn’t control my body. Read more

Kim & Kat

I couldn’t move, and I still didn’t know why. But the girl I had just met a tthe bar, was holding my face, “look at me” she said, and I had no choice but to look at her eyes. My eyes were fixated into hers. “Listen to me” she said, “You are Kat, my sweet lovable girlfriend Kat”, I couldn’t believe it, she wanted me to pretend I was her girlfriend?, “Why would I have to pretend? I am Kat” I thought. Read more

Let me go home

“Please, let me go home!” I told the stranger infront of me. “Sure, I will let you go, if you can tell me where you live” he said. “I live in… in….” The more I tried to remember, the more my head hurt. It was like I had forgotten everything that happened before yesterday. “I don’t remember!!! but still, let me go!” I kept yelling and crying. “Sure, if you can tell me your name. I will let you go”. Once again, I couldn’t remember it. I continued to cry. “Don’t cry, I can’t stand a nice lady like you crying” he said. “But I am not a lady, I am not a woman, I am a….” I said, while looking down, and realizing I had breasts, and quite a feminine figure. Read more

Be the best you can be

I never believed in hypnotic suggestion, when my girlfriend got me this tape, she said “This will change your life, It will make you focus your energy on being the best you can be. I used it before, and it really helped me”. I was thinking “what a load of crap”, but since I love her, I decided to humor her and try it. Read more