For spying on the two MILF’s secret lesbian love affair, Chad and Carl were changed by their magic into MILF themselves, sprouting insanely huge breasts in the process! They were both stunned to suddenly be women, but their chests exploding with size made the absolutely terrified, and they both wondered when they would stop growing. Carl peered down at his boobs and gave them a giggle and Chad looked down at his huge rack now impeding his vision, both in horror.

The two lesbians, Lana and Donna laughed as they looked across the yard into Chad’s window seeing their handiwork in action!

Lana said, “Those two like to spy on us in our sessions, now they can have their own! They were always telling me to get implants too, so now they have huge boobs as well, but those are real!”

It wasn’t long after, Chad now Chastity, and Carl, now Carlita were exploring their new bodies then exploring each other, creating their own lesbian love scene! They both were overcome with lust, but wondered how they would live with such huge knockers. They would worry about that later however.

Carlita said with her accent she had as a male still intact, “Dis ees much bettar dan watcheeng dos two neighbor ladees, now we are hot ladees. Now get over hear and poot dos fingers in my new poosie!”

Lana and Donna ended up the ones watching a lesbian love affair that evening much to their amusement.


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