Can’t Control Herself: Part II

Chris was hanging around with Mike and Jake when Stacey came stomping down from the cabin, steam practically shooting from her ears. She grabbed Chris’s arm and yanked him off where they couldn’t be heard. “Who the FUCK is that slut you left in there, and why is she stealing my clothes?” She snapped, punching him in the chest for emphasis.

“Calm down. She’s not mine, and I’m pretty sure she’s not a slut. That is, unless you’re talking about when she hooked up with you earlier.”

Stacey’s mouth fell open. “John?”

“Yeah. I figured the best way to keep you two from hooking up behind my back was to make sure you didn’t want him. What do you think, did I make him too hot?”

Stacy laughed, “Honestly, you might have. Chris, it was a mistake. I shut it down as soon as I realized what I was doing. Turn him back.”

“No way. The whole point of this is to keep her away from you. By midnight tonight she’ll be a woman for good, and you can forget about the temptation to cheat.” Chris looked away and muttered “That is, provided she doesn’t suck any dick.”

“What’s that?” Stacy jibed.

“I guess you caught me. All spells have to have some sort of safety in case they hit the wrong target. If she swallows cum before midnight she’ll turn right back. Now lets get out of here, we can’t have you giving any warnings.”

Chris grabbed Stacey’s arm and started pulling her towards the cars. She knew if he got her there John would be be stuck in the body of an underwear model. She dug her fingernails into his neck, hard. When his grip loosened, she wriggled free and sprinted for the cabin.

John sat in shock, thinking about what Stacey had just told him. Half an hour ago he was uncomfortable just figuring out how to put on ladies underwear, how in the hell was he going to manage a blowjob. And what about that transformation back? Was he going to suddenly be his old male self, on his knees with his lips wrapped around a cock? He hardly had any time to argue though. Stacey had blurted out something about her “taking care of the hard part” and run right back out the door. His was interrupted from his wallowing by another knock at the door. Mike poked his head in.


Fuck, she did need a new name. “That’s me!” he said, trying his best to sound cheerful.

He stood speechless for a couple seconds, just long enough to be noticeable as he eyed her body up and down. “Umm, Stacey was telling me about you.”

“And what’d she say?” ‘Fuck, Stacey’, john thought, ‘what did you get me into?’

“Well, she told me how you just got out of a long relationship, and she thinks you needed some help forgetting about him. She also said that you’ve been really shy lately, and say you’re worried you’ve forgotten how to flirt and won’t be able to pick up anybody else.”

“She’s a good friend,” John said as he stripped off his shirt and bra, letting his perky breasts spring free, nipples stiffening in the air. She pulled him in for a kiss, but he pulled away after only a second or two.

“I’ve gotta say, maybe you have forgotten. I usually like to have a couple drinks and get to know a girl before taking her to bed. What do you say?”

John panicked. He knew if he let Mike talk him into taking it slower, he’d just drag his feet until midnight and be stuck this way forever. Plus, the less time he spent pretending to be this Jenny girl, the better. He didn’t need Mike remembering all the girly things he’d said after he changed back. No, he needed to get this over with right away. “You’re very sweet,” he said, his feminine voice easily transforming the words into a playful coo, “but we’ll have all night to talk. Right now,” he laid his hand on his crotch, feeling a rock hard bulge straining against his jeans, “it seems like you have other things planned.” John was disgusted by the words coming out of his mouth, but he’d do anything right now to end his nightmare.

No arguments from Mike was a good sign. Within a minute they were completely naked, Mike kissed John passionately in the center of the room. John was ashamed to admit that the kiss didn’t disgust him near as much as he thought it would. It didn’t turn him on, but lips were lips more or less. If he kept his eyes closed he could almost imagine Mike was just a strong, forward girl. That is, if Mike wasn’t a good foot taller than him. He might’ve still been able to imagine him as a tall, very muscular girl with washboard abs, but Mike’s cock pressed up against his stomach ruined any hope of that. He was completely caught off guard when Mike ran his hands over his breasts. Jolts of pleasure shout out from his nipples, making him squirm and let out an involuntary squeal of delight. Mike took this as a sign to keep going, and began to stroke one of his nipples with his thumb while he massaged the rest of the breast rhythmically. This was too much for John, he didn’t know how he’d cope with this if he found himself actually getting off to this. With one more moan, he broke off the kiss and sank to his knees.

Taking Mike’s cock in his slender, womanly hand, he was shocked. Was is just his tiny hand making this thing look massive? No, it had to be at least 8 inches. God damn it, Stacey, you couldn’t have found a tinier dick for this? ‘Well, no use waiting around’ thought John, as he slid his lips around the massive thing in front of him. After the kiss and the boob play, John was relieved to realize that he hated sucking dick. Like really hated it. The taste was exactly what he had been expecting, making him focus all his efforts on not gagging and spitting it out. Every pulse of the warm member, every sound from Mike, every word of encouragement, and the feel of his hands on the back of his head, it all drove home what he was right now. He knew he was still a man, but it was impossible not to think of himself as a powerless little cocksucker. Man, he was going to make Chris pay. He was so caught up in though, he almost didn’t notice his lips pressing right up against Mike’s pelvis. Of course Chris would make sure this body was an absolute natural, that bastard probably wanted to fuck him when he got tired of Stacey. Just one more thing to add to the list of wrongs that he’d right when he got his body back.

John was pulled back into the moment when he felt a sharp twitch from the dick in his mouth. He heard Mike’s breathing quicken, and knew it could only mean one thing. It was no surprise then, hearing Mike moan “Jenny,” as if he still needed the warning. He braced himself. If the dick itself had been this bad, he could only imagine what the cum would be like. It was worth it though. If he had to spend one more minute as a man in this tiny woman’s body he would lose it. He was shocked then, when Mike exploded in his mouth and he didn’t immediately wretch. It tasted just like he imagined, but not. It was still salty, thick and warm, but that somehow just made it better. Good lord did it taste great. The second it touched her tongue a wave of pleasure erupted through her body. This was so much better than the feelings from her nipples earlier. She swallowed every last drop eagerly, still bobbing and sucking until it was clear she’d gotten it all. Popping the dick out of her mouth, she stroked it absentmindedly as she licked the last of the cum from her lips.

Taking her eyes off the still erect member in front of her, Jenny looked up at Mike. He was staring down at her with a look of unmistakable amazement. She bit her lip as she hopelessly tried to contain the smile that spread across her face. Giving up on any attempt to hide her feelings, she beamed up at him. Mike reached down to brush a strand of hair out of her eyes. Then, without a word of warning, he scooped her up into a deep kiss that was somehow gentle and ferocious at the same time. She was shocked; that used to disgust her back when she’d been a guy. She still had some of his cum on her chin, and he didn’t even seem to notice.

Mike pulled away, wiping himself clean. “Sorry to gross you out. It’s just, when you look at me like that I can’t help myself.”

“No, it’s not gross.” She paused, giggled softly and lost herself for a moment staring up at Mike. Then she admitted softly, “I want you to do it again.”

An hour had passed before they broke apart again, Mike saying “I could keep going like this all night, but I did promise we’d have drinks and talk at some point.”

“Yes!” cried Jenny excitedly, and she curled herself up snug in Mike’s lap. “But let’s skip the drinks. I want to be able to remember every last detail about the night we met.”

The next morning, Chris walked down the the fire pit to find almost everybody else groggily trying to wake themselves up, passing around their third pot of coffee. Everybody was there except for Stacey. He hadn’t seen her once since she’d bolted away from him yesterday to “warn” John. One look at John told him that Stacey had been successful. John, or Jenny as he was calling himself now, was snuggled right into the crook of Mike’s arm, wrapped up with one of his sweatshirts hanging almost to her knees. It was clear that once the two of them had gotten together they hadn’t slept a wink, and it was starting to catch up with them. While everybody else tried to figure out how much they’d drank and what they’d done the night before, Jenny and Mike barely held each other sitting up. Jenny was nodding off, every now and then gazing up at Mike an tracing her finger along his jaw while he ran a hand through her hair.

The truth was, the original potion Chris had used had no expiration time. Once you’d taken it, you were changed until you’d taken another potion to change back. The funny thing about taking another potion, though, was that it would only work on somebody who wanted to change. Something about preventing people from being passed around and changed over and over against their will. That’s why Chris had slipped John another potion. The second he tasted Mike’s cum, everything changed. From the way Jenny and Mike were looking at each other, Chris could tell. John was gone for good, and Jenny wouldn’t have it any other way.

(This was going to be short when I started, I swear)


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