Mike and Dave’s Anniversary

“HA-HA-HA! Look at you! Did you get some work done, sis?”

“Ugh! I woke up this morning like this, dammit! It’s me and Mike’s anniversary, so he said he wanted ‘something special’… because of you stupid spell, now I’m even more of his ridiculous fantasy girl than ever!”

“Yeah, there’s certainly a lot more of you… in certain places…”

“I’m a freak! This porn star look better wear off, I swear. I can’t even cover myself up! Every piece of clothing I put on shrinks into something slutty!”

“You know, you almost look like that stripper that you and Mike banged before our wedding. Maybe that can be your new job! Hee-hee.”

“I don’t think so. Mike has been… (gulp) … Mike has been talking about… us having kids.”


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