All In

“All In!” he shouted as he slammed the table. He didn’t even bothered to push the chips forward.

“All IN?” I asked Randall his hasty decision. He had no idea I had the winning hand. Randall crossed his arms and gave me a big grin as his answer. Oh, Randall. He didn’t even attempted to hide what a good of hand he had. If my hands were even remotely not good, I would have folded immediately.

“Alright, All in too.” I said, as I slowly caressed my chin. Which is a body language I’ve been faking whole night as a sign of bluffing. Whenever I bluffed, I rubbed my chin like it was a genie lamp. I caught Randall’s eye glimmering like someone who struck gold. He was hooked right into my trap. I cleared my throat, and proposed: “All right, I know you’re bluffing, Randall. I am so confident that I am willing to place more than the chips on the table.”

To say I knew he was bluffing… that was a well-formed taunt. I peeked at Randall and from what I gather he had to choke down his joy sprouting from his throat. His best attempt at poker face.

“Such as?” Randall asked.

How great. Now, whatever I bet, he had to pay. All I had to was say it.

“You know, the antique chair from Spanish Royal Family? That’s yours, if you win that is.” Randall was grinning ear to ear. He was eyeing that treasure for quite a while. “Fuck it, the car. I raise my Cadillac. I am that confident.” I said, rubbing my chin as hard as I could. “You know what? I’ll be your private escort girl using this gender bender laser gun. You know this thing is permanent, huh?”

“Royal Flush of Hearts!” Randall screamed at the top of his lung filled with joy as he nearly folded his cards as he revealed them. “You’re my bitch now!” Well, I will be damned. That was my line.

“Royal Flush of Spades.” The colors flushed away from Randall’s visage, as I reached for the gender bender laser gun. Pew! I wonder Randall ever figured out the game was rigged from the very beginning.

As the laser hit Randall, his clothing vaporized within a second. I turned my eyes away from him, since the visual terror that was naked hairy man was not to my taste. But I could hear his body hairs shedding and his hairs elongating. My initial disgust was overcame with curiosity, so I decided to look.

Already he had lost about six inches to his height, and his chiseled chins were as round and sharp as that of his wife. The masculine features were diminished and rounded. His hairless breasts began to expand while his shoulders closed together. It was quite a scene. What I really wanted to see what the genital area transformation, but his lower part of the body was hidden behind the table.

“Hey, get up to the table and show yourself.” I ordered. The mind manipulation had already kicked in, as Randall willingly crawled up onto the table and laid herself back to present her new feminine body to me. Disappointingly, the lower body transformation was already complete and was full fledged woman as I saw it. I touched her and she twitched like a vibrator, nearly wetting the table.

“Are you ready, darling?” Randall said, oblivious of what she was just some moments ago. Oh, I was ready.


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