No no no no! He couldn’t have done this to me!

My voice… my hands… my chest…my crotch

That bastard hated me for taking the promotion that he thought was his. He threatened to get back at me, but I knew he was all talk. I was wrong. After he bought be a congratulatory drink last night after work, I passed out.

I just woke up in a strange apartment, and my body wasn’t mine. It was smaller, weaker, and no longer male. I screamed when I woke up to find I was a woman, then tried to cough and clear my throat when I heard the impossibly high voice coming out of my mouth. The world looked big, bigger than I was used to. I found a mirror and nearly hyperventilated when I saw my reflection. I was tiny, I was asian, and I was a girl.

“Like what you see?” I heard a voice say behind me. In the mirror I saw Robert, the bastard I told you about earlier, had appeared in the doorway.

“Change me back you motherfucker!” I screamed, my outrage coming out as a terrified squeak, with a thick asian accent. My hands darted to my mouth when I heard the accent.

“I couldn’t if I wanted to. The man you once were no longer exists. Your parents have a differnt son, your wife has a different husband, and I have a different job, your job!” He said with a laugh.

“What you do to me? How you turn me into girl? Why me talk rike this??” I said, throwing my fists to my waist and stomping my foot. Oh god, even the way I move is like some anime school girl…

“Well I couldn’t just kill you, I’m not that heartless. So I modifided you, found a new use. Now you’re my meek little asian girlfriend, Mika.”

“Me no your girrfriend! You no get away with this!”

“Look, it’s not like you have a lot of choice. You have to do whatever I tell you.”

“You crazy! Change Mika back! No- Ch-change me back!” I said, absentmindedly calling myself Mika then trying and failing to control my accent.

“A demonstration then. Rip your shirt off, bra and all. I want to see your new tits.”

Instantly my hand moved to the buttons on my shirt. I couldn’t control my arms. As I stared at Robert in horror, trying with every fiber of my willpower to put my arms down, my arms struggled. For a moment I thought I had a chance, but then I lost hope when I used all of my little strength to rip the buttons on my shirt and the clasp on my bra. Within seconds of his telling me too, I had ripped open my shirt and was flashing my… my tits to this man.

When he told me to shut up and kneel down I again couldn’t stop my body from doing just that. For the rest of the night my only protests came in the form of high pitched, whining whimpers.


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