True nature

“How it is even possible” i said to Jane, my girlfriend, having huge doubts about her story. “It’s magic Julian, i promess you, it’s real.” Since she have heard about the “true nature mirror”, Jane haven’t stopped asking me to go look into it. According to what she tell me, the mirror had the power to reveal the true nature of a someone and transforming him to fit it. I wasn’t believe in it but my girlfriend does. A lot. She repeated me how she knew her form wasn’t the one she was ment to have and she had to do it in order to find her true purpose in life. I kept saying i liked the way she was now and how much i loved her, she wanted to do it anyway. So one day, i agree to go to the magic shop and pay to a visit of the magic mirror.

We entered the little shop and i was amazed of all the weird stuff we could find. The tenant welcomed us and Jane went straight to the point. “Oh new client for the mirror, i see. Is it just for the lady or…?” The man asked us. I was about to refuse but my girlfriend took me by surprise and said it was for two. She looked at me with a pleading stare, the kind i cannot resist and finally agreed. The man closed the shop and lead us to a room at the back of the shop. It was a round, empty space with just a mirror in the middle. The mirror wasn’t facing the door so we cannot see in it’s reflexion. “so, who goes first?” ask the man.

I never saw Jane as excited as now. She tell the man she want to go and i let her go. At mid-distance of the mirror, she turn back and jump on me, kissing me passionaly. “Whatever hapen to me, remember, we will always fit together, i’m sure of it. Thank you for letting me do that. I love you.” Then she kiss me again and turn back to the mirror. I was stunned. I wanted so much to stop her but all i did was saying i love her too. She placed her in front of the mirror, her eyes still on me, smilling. Then she looked directly into the mirror. All of her body began to glow and she disapeared in a flash. I was sure i heard her moaning in the process. Then i saw something fall on the ground my girlfriend was standing on a few moment sooner. I wanted to go see what it was but the man stopped me and, instead, went himself bring back whatever was in front of the mirror. When he returned, icannot believed what i saw. In his hands was a simple set of lingerie. “I don’t understand, where is Jane,? Where is my girlfriend?” i managed to say. “Isn’t it obvious? She is no longer a woman now, just lingerie” She answerd me with calm. But how can she end up as clothing? It is suposed to transformed her in her true nature, she cannot be clothing”. “Why not, human nature can be anything. The most part are really meant to be human, but the one who come to me always are different. It could be body, gender, but also some end up as plant, or animal. Or, like your girlfriend, clothing. She was lucky to being born as a human, but, deep down, she knew she wasn’t meant for this life. Her true nature call her here. Trust me, she is happy now.” I cannot say anything, my girlfriend was no more than clothing now, what could i do now? “So, it’s your turn, go on”

I moved automaticly to the mirror, my mind still trying to manage waht happened. Dispite the fact i don’t wanted to do it in the first place, the feeling of emptiness caused by the transformation of Jane, made me walk to it. Without her, my life as it was now had no purpuse. So why don’t take a look at the mirror and see whant it had for me. Looking at the ground, i stand in front of the mirror. I wondered what will happen to me. Maybe i was meant to be a dog, i always have been quite obedient in my relationship. Or maybe i will be becoming a matching set of lingerie with Jane. At least we can be with eachother. Resolve to end this, i lookd directly in the mirror. I was amazed by what i saw. In my reflection, there was a l naked girl. She had blonde hair and deep blue eyes, with a beautiful face and a stunning body. Was there my true nature? Was i meant to be a woman? The answer came quickly when my body began to glow. A hot feeling invade all my body and, in a blink of an eye, my body matched my reflection. I took some time to inspect my, touching my new part, still realising what i was now.

“Maybe it’s time to go miss. I hope your new form please you but, please put on some clothes. I finally realised i was naked, i searched for clothes and i saw the set of lingerie the man hold in his hand in my direction, trying deseperatly to not look at me. i have a second of reflection before i began putting my old girlfriend on me. I pull on the silk panty on me, the the stocking on my long and smooth legs and clipping the attach togther. Then i put on the bra, holding firmly my breasts in place. it was strange but the clothes was emitting a warm feeling, it was like i was against her body when she was human. When all my girlfriend was on me, i remembered what she tell me before her transformation. That we fit together. And it was true, she was the perfect fit for my new body. That thought made me smile. The tenant put me out of my thoughts and led me outside of the room. He said me goodbye and good luck for my new life.

By exiting the shop, i thought how it was strange we enter as a couple and i was now exiting as a woman, wearing my girlfriend. I passed the door and realised i was just wearing lingerie and i was about to go outside like that. But my worries disapeared when i end up in a luxurious bedroom instead of the street. I looked behind me and there was no shop anymore. It was clear i was now in my new life, with new house and maybe new family. Judging by the look of the house, it was clear i was now part of a rich family. I opened my closet and found a dress to put. Still wearing my girlfriend, i opened the door, ready to discover what the life i was meant to have looked like.


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