Megan Love Dixon Part 2

The first time Megan would work her magic would be a visit by the best man from the wedding Sean All. He was there chit chatting with Randy, when the name thing came up. Sean brought it up, and just had to comment.

Sean said, “So Megan Dixon, I’m sorry I mean Megan Love Dixon… um that reminds me how’s sex life treating you with Randy?”

First of all that was none of his business, second, the fact that “Love Dixon” reminded him of her sex life, like she “loves dicks” offended her. So time for the spell, not even knowing what it might do or if it was reversible she tried it.

Suddenly before their eyes, Sean All transformed into a busty sultry blonde only wearing matching black bra, thong panties, and pantyhose! Sean leaned forward on the couch, feeling his new sensitive boob weight, as he perched himself onto his new tiny manicured hands with long fuchsia nails. The stunned look on his face as the silky smooth long blonde hair cascaded around it and over his shoulders and to his boobs, said it all! This wasn’t the only change however, reality itself was bent with this spell for better justice to be served by the offender!

Randy sat their, and said, “Sienna All, put your clothes back on. We brought you here to hire you to be a nanny if we have a child, not for this display! What is your full name? Oh yeah, Sienna Sucks All, maybe that name fits the way you are acting, were you a flipping porn star or something. My wife is here, and I want no part of your games, get out of our house, Miss Sucks All, at once.”

Megan still remembered Sean, but her husband seemed to know the new Sean as Sienna! Also Sienna had a name that made her sound slutty, just like she has! The stunned look on Sienna’s face said maybe she realized the changes too, but it seemed to the rest of the world, well for now at least her hubby, that Sean was Sienna.

Sienna spoke, shocked at her ultra high bimbo voice, “What is going on here? I’m a… a… WOMAN?! I have boobs, I have a… oh no… a PUSSY?! What the hell am I wearing here? PANTYHOSE?! All this fucking hair, these hands, my strength all gone?! Look at these toothpick arms! PINK FLIPPING NAILS?! ARE YOU SERIOUS? THIS VOICE, I SOUND LIKE A SLUT!”

At that point, Megan knew poetic justice came about, Sean got turned into a chick with a slutty name, for making fun of her as a woman with a slutty name. The spell even made him physically slutty. Sienna’s makeup enhanced eyes were wide open as she grabbed her new boobs with her tiny manicured hands, then reached under the thong and pantyhose to find her new snatch! She got up, her boobs jiggling a lot and her hips swaying as she walked over to a mirror with her tiny pantyhose feet. She screamed in the mirror, and freaked out.

Randy got angry, “Put your clothes on Sienna, and get out of my house! SIENNA SUCKS ALL GET OUT NOW! You would have never been a good nanny, stripping down in my house, then acting crazy because you are a woman? What are you doing having an identity crisis? You’ve always been a female, I remember you as a little nerd girl growing up with reading glasses, old fashioned dresses, and Mary Janes. You even had a crush on me. Now you are just a weird chick, now get out of here.”

The new Sienna was forced to put on her black mini dress, and four inch heeled leather boots, and try to walk out of Randy’s house, without twisting one of her tiny new ankles in the process. The bra helped hold her boobs in place, and the control top of the pantyhose held her ass together nicely but she would realize without them she was a curvy bust chick with a jiggly fat ass, and huge hooters.

To Megan and Sean, they both remember Sean, but to everyone else it seems, she was now Sienna Sucks All. She was employed in this new reality, at a strip club downtown, and was their star attraction on stage and backstage, where the name “Sucks All” really would be true! Sean was the first to pay the price and was now living what he had done to Megan, only he got it back way more, having to strip for a living and suck cock backstage after shows!


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