Not with tight shorts

Here I am smiling a little nervously.
We are a very close family, but this was too much. My daughter, the one with the too short white shorts, was traveling abroad alone for the first time. Of course, I was worried I’m her father.

Ok, I know I was being annoying nagging and grumbling for days before her trip. But it was just excessive love, I guess.

So my wife had an idea. She is the one with the proud face, wearing the tight black shorts. My daughter loved and approved her idea. I didn’t know it until the day she would get the plane.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up feeling extremely lighter, with lots of hair instead of initial baldness, soft skin and strange things weighing on my chest. Because no, I’m not the one taking the picture. I’m the one in the middle, not wearing tight shorts.

My wife used a spell to rejuvenate us so that we could join Michelle. She didn’t want to obligate our daughter to make a boring trip with her parents but wanted to end my grumpiness and thought we both could use a time away from stress and try a very different routine. Sure I could agree with that, but why I also needed to be a girl?

We are traveling like three sisters. Michelle is genuinely having fun with us like this and Vivian is even scaring me with so much enjoyment she is having, seeing me dealing with all the girly things I’m dealing. Managing this long hair, wearing this clothes, putting makeup on my new face and blending in with them as one of the girls.

If I’m having fun like they? Well, my smile is not forced, just a little nervously as I said. Because, well, who’s taking the picture is a gentle young man that offered himself to help in a very charming way, and I’m, damn, I’m finding him very cute, handsome and thinking about doing very embarrassing things with him. I can tell Vivian perceive it, and she just opened a huge naughty playful smile. I said she was, strangely, loving it, didn’t I?


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