Me, my mother and I

A month passed from unexpected exchange of bodies with Mom. So far we do not know how it happened. In the early days I could not completely cope as a single 40 year old mother. Though after a while I began to cope with, and even very liked women’s clothes. Interestingly after 2 weeks, I started to feel sexual needs. I never thought about my mother, as a sexual object. But now as I was her, I began to feel attracted to men. At the beginning I felt very awkward. “This is gay. I can’t think about dicks”I thought, but hormones won. I started masturbating, but after several days it was not enough. Then I remembered about my football coach. Always he looked excited for my mom. I went to training with my mother as a parent. I reciprocate his flirtatious glances. When my mother went to the locker room, I approached him and invited for tomorrow night, when mom had to go to my friends play on the console.

He came punctually at 6pm. We drank two drinks, and we began to kiss passionately. Quickly we were without clothes. His cock was quite large. He asked me knelt. With reluctance I did it. His dick was at the opposite of my face. I closed my eyes and started to suck. I must admit that it was not bad, but I wished it in myself. I took out his cock from my mouth and I turned myself. In the nerves I waiting to he began to fuck me. The first batch was hurt, but then began to paradise! We fucked good few minutes, when suddenly the door opened…

“Derek?!? What the fuck you doing?!?”

It was a mother, she returned because the consul broke. I was frightened, and at this moment coach Mike cum in my face…

From that moment my mother in my body is not speaking to me. Today she told me
that she thinks about to leave me her body, and start a new life as Derek.


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