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Me, my mother and I

A month passed from unexpected exchange of bodies with Mom. So far we do not know how it happened. In the early days I could not completely cope as a single 40 year old mother. Though after a while I began to cope with, and even very liked women’s clothes. Interestingly after 2 weeks, I started to feel sexual needs. I never thought about my mother, as a sexual object. But now as I was her, I began to feel attracted to men. At the beginning I felt very awkward. “This is gay. I can’t think about dicks”I thought, but hormones won. I started masturbating, but after several days it was not enough. Then I remembered about my football coach. Always he looked excited for my mom. I went to training with my mother as a parent. I reciprocate his flirtatious glances. When my mother went to the locker room, I approached him and invited for tomorrow night, when mom had to go to my friends play on the console. Read more

I’m Suzee now

I always wanted to be a woman for a day. One day I found information on the Internet about innovative bodysuit. Of course, I ordered one that had me resemble a young beauty. Delivery came after a week. Read more

Jane Smith

When on vacation inexplicably I swapped body with Aunt Jane, I thought my world collapsed. I was just about to start college. Aunt Jane was also a big shock. Throughout the rest of the family’s trip to the lake, we were looking for a solution how to reverse it – without effectively. Of course no one else knew what happened. The only solution was that we had to pretend to each other for some time. Read more

IT happened

“Ok Emily, I agree today to have sex without a condom. But remember, you can not cum in pussy, I do not want to be you forever” Dave after several days of requests, He agreed to the request of Emily to not use condoms. Read more

Morning surprise

“Natalie,what happened, why I’m you?” Michael did not know what had just happened, why he is sitting naked on the couch in heels, and the most important why he is Natalie. Read more