Making the best of the Situation

I loved my girlfriend Samantha. Perhaps it was my love of her that made me blind to just the kind of person she was. I was very much the nerdy type, skinny with adult acne type of thing, but I had made some smart investments with some inheritance money when I was just out of high school, so I had quite a bit of money. She liked to shop, alot, and I liked having sex with a gorgeous girl. Everything seemed to be going well until one day when she came home with what she told me was a wishing stone. With an evil grin on her face, she wished for me to transform into her ideal lesbian lover. As the wishing stone crumbled to dust, breasts grew on my chest, my hair grew out, and my skin cleared up becoming smooth as silk. She then introduced me to her boyfriend Kevin, an incredibly handsome man, who she had been seeing behind my back for some time. She told me I was to be their sex slave. I was to be theirs to use whenever and however they wanted.
Needless to say I felt betrayed and helpless. I had no identification, no social security number, nothing. I was no one. I felt I had no choice but to submit, and that’s how it was, for a while. In the beginning, Mark was let’s just say enthusiastic about his new living situation. He used and abused me, calling me degrading names, fucking my throat, and even ramming his dick in my ass without any warning. It was a rough time, and he enjoyed it, for a while.
You see, no matter the circumstances, when you live with someone for a while, you get to know each other. Mark and I started to find that we had a lot in common. We were both fans of basketball and even had the same favorite team. However, unlike me, he actually had the body to play in high school. Our relationship started to grow as we would hang out and watch games together, and no doubt thanks to the new hormones circulating through my body, i started to fall for him. In less than six months, I had gone from sex slave to girlfriend.
We were crazy for each other, and Samantha was fuming. She was so pissed when Kevin broke up with her, and I dared to stand up to her. I was a little fearful that she’d simply make another wish, but that stone must have been her only one, as no other wish ever came. Her anger quickly turned to panic however, as she realized what being kicked out would entail. At first she was totally dependent on my income, which she effectively destroyed when she destroyed my identity as all my wealth passed on to my parents and sister when I was presumed dead. After her wish, she was totally dependent on Kevin’s income, which was quite impressive in its own right. She had no skills, no education to fall back on. Were she to be kicked out, she’d be on the street.
What’s worse was she had no one else to go to. She had gotten cocky. Thinking she was untouchable, she had shown her bitchy side to a lot of people. She wouldn’t have an easy time finding another rich sap to spend loads of money on.
And that brings us to our current state of affairs. Kevin and I are now happily engaged, I got myself a new identity and am going to school. We even bought a new house together. Samantha is still with us too. We basically use her to enhance our own sexual interactions, mostly having her suck Kevin’s balls or lick my ass while we have sex. Her duties also include performing any sexual act we ask of her though Kevin doesn’t take advantage of that all that often. I, on the other hand, enjoy giving her a good pounding with a strap on every now and again, and I know Kevin always appreciates some live girl on girl action. In exchange, we give Samantha a modest allowance that allows her to indulge rather extravagant shopping addiction. This certainly wasn’t how I saw my life panning out, but I think I’ve made the best of the situation.


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