The Best Fighter in the Town

“Now, I ain’t tryin’ to make a trouble, but who here is the strongest man in the town?” Jack asked the bartender. Jack, a former gang from the city exiled to this middle-of-nowhere town, wanted to establish dominance to the resident of this town.

“Well, aren’t you lucky guy. There he is. Peter. Sitting right there drinking his beers with wings.” The bartender answered, pointing at a guy watching sport TV. Jack observed him; and it was laughable, to Jack’s standard. Peter appear to be a guy in his mid twenties, short, and thin. Jack figured he had absolutely no chance even hurting him a little. Jack immediately went up to Peter’s table despite the bartender’s protest.

“How ya doin’?” Jack asked.

“I’m doing great,” Peter answered.

“Now… I’m not trying to make a fuss, but I hear you’re the strongest man in…”

“Oh. You’re that sort of the guy. Over there.” Peter interrupted, and pointed at the white couch at the corner of the bar. “Stay over there and be a good girl,” Peter commanded.

Jack’s faces reddened. Did he just called me a girl? Wasn’t quite expected, but this will do, Jack thought. And prepared to punch Peter’s smug face. But Jack noticed his fists were a lot smaller than he is used to. Also, Jack noticed Peter suddenly grew taller–or that he got smaller. When Jack felt hairs brushing against his shoulders, he looked down, only to find huge cleavages and one nice pair of ass. Jack looked back up to Peter. Peter was still pointing at the couch.

Jack, not understanding why, followed Peter’s command. He did not know he was being magically transformed into Peter’s whore, but he had no knowledge of Peter’s wizardry. He just had to obey Peter. As Jack approached the couch, he took off his oversized clothes. So did Peter, who was following right behind him–or her.

As soon as Jack reached the couch, she positioned herself to be a ride for Peter. Peter, without hesitation, penetrated his penis into Jack’s new vagina. “Ahh!” At the first thrust, a flood of orgasm whelmed Jack. The magic was completed, and Jack had permanently become Peter’s personal whore.

After Peter played with Jack for an hour–which left Jack sexually satisfied to a level she has never reached before–he apologized the bartender for making a fuss, and offered the bartender Jack as a waitress.

“Yeah, I suppose I could use some new helping hand.” said the bartender. The patrons of the bar welcomed their new bar girl, and Jack, still not understanding what was going on, was just craving another female orgasm.


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