Random swap

I have a really cute sister, but she is shy as hell. Being the older brother, I tend to make fun of her, it’s not that I hate her, it is just that I don’t want her to put up with a–holes. So, I piss her off so she knows how to defend herself.

One minute ago I was looking down at my sister, making fun of her as usual. She then said some words I didn’t understand, I lost my balance a little. My whole perspective changed, now I am looking up at my brother. He is acting like nothing happened. He is still making fun of me, like I was really his younger sister. I wanted to cry, he was being really evil to me. But the truth was I was feeling curious, I just wanted my big bro to leave me alone, so I could go check this new body. I don’t know why we swapped, I don’t care, but now, by being her, I can make sure my sister doesn’t put up with any a–holes.


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