Making a bitch

What part of “I’ll make you my bitch” did you not understand? I’m just doing that, nothing to fuss about. What, you didn’t know I could turn you into a pretty girl? Well, to be frank, I didn’t know you’d turn out to be a fine woman too. This spell just flips gender, so it doesn’t guarantee the appearance or the attractiveness of the subject, you see. But in my honest opinion, you are better as a girl than a man.

Now, here’s what’s going to happen. By copulating with you, you’re stuck like this forever. No matter what you try, without my consent and magic, you can’t turn back ever. Not that you’ll ever want to, after tasting the pleasures of woman. Right now, I’m just fucking you like a stiff sex doll, but from now on you’ll learn the ways of succubus–how to please the man, me.

Welcome to your life as my bitch.


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