Far from Ordinary

Tom had always been pretty plain and ordinary, and he had been leading a pretty plain and ordinary life. All or that changed, however, once he was accepted to Spellcraft State University.
Tom had applied to all of the schools with leading engineering programs and had imagined that Spellcraft was just the college founder’s surname – not a reference to ACTUAL magic. When he was automatically placed in Transformations I and Ethics of Magical Practice, he found out just how mistaken he was.
When his freshman year started, Tom was still dating his equally plain and ordinary high school sweetheart Marci. He never word have expected that his stable unadventurous girlfriend would have been interested in magic, but that was because he didn’t know her as well as he thought. She surprised him by asking all sorts of questions about what he was learning in his classes and about just what it was possible to achieve with magic. By the time they finally saw each other over Fall Break, she had a plan.
“You have a really good knack for this transformation stuff, don’t you?” she said, buttering him up.
“Well, I’m one of the best in my class,” Tom admitted, somewhat embarrassed.
“I bet someone as talented as you could make me more attractive, huh?”
“Well, I could probably – wait, what?” A flustered Tom tried to reassure his girlfriend that she was already attractive and that he loved her just the way she was, but Marci was determined. After years of feeling inferior to other women, she finally had a way out of her plain and ordinary existence. Tom was concerned about his Marci’s apparent vanity, but she managed to wear him down. He tracked down a dusty old tome from the library that had just the spell they needed. It was more advanced than anything he had performed so far, but Tom was sure he could make it work.
Marci was ecstatic. Tom was glad to make her so happy, but he still felt a bit gloomy himself. “Cheer up,” Marci said in an unusually bubbly voice, “pretty soon you’ll get to have sex with someone way hotter than you could ever land on your own.” The words stung, but Tom couldn’t help fantasizing about a sexier version of Marci, and a life that was just a little less ordinary.
So it was with a lust clouded mind that Tom cast the feminization spell. A shimmering glow gathered around Marci’s body. A glazed look came over her eyes. Her lips parted in a moan of pleasure. And that was where the changes began. Marci’s thin lips plumped up, and her voice grew sultry as the moans continued. Her hair, typically flat and dull, rippled with body and shine. But the real changes came with her body. Her limbs lengthened, graceful and smooth. Narrow hips widened, round belly flattened and toned, and breasts swelled well beyond the limits of her A cup bra.
But as Marci’s chest ballooned outward, so did the magic. Novice though he was, Tom recognized the rebound. Unfortunately, he was neither practiced enough nor fast enough to counter it. The expanding aura quickly enveloped him. Pleasure shook his body which began transforming even more rapidly than Marci’s. Body hair evaporated from shrinking limbs. Wispy stubble disappeared from his softening jaw. Large eyes fluttered with long lashes adding sensuality to a sultry face soon surrounded by long locks of blonde hair. His torso was rapidly contracting, especially at the waist, while his hips and ass swelled. Tom writhed and thrash, every nerve tingling. He panted in a high, girly voice, groping with slender fingers at the breasts swelling on his chest and the quickly disappearing penis stiff and sensitive. Beside him Marci was masturbating wildly as well. Her formerly unremarkable body was now sexy, tan, and toned. Beside her, the last vestiges of Tom’s manhood disappeared into a juicy pink pussy. Together, the two beautiful women erupted in orgasmic pleasure as the last of the magical cloud dispersed.
“Oh gawd!” Marci moaned.
“Oh god!” Tom echoed in a shrill voice. “What did I just do? I have to reverse this right away.”
“Wait a minute,” the suddenly stunning Marci said, laying a manicured hand on her lover’s shoulder. “Before you change back, there’s something else I’ve always wanted to try…”
Tom’s beautiful face showed no sign of understanding. It was cute how ditzy she looked. Marci decided to help her understand. She wrapped a long arm around Tom’s dainty body, resting her hand on the round swell of Tom’s ass. The other hand cupped a large breast delicately tweaking the stiff nipple. “Oh!” she gasped. “You mean…really?” Sick of fooling around, Marci silenced her lover with a passionate kiss.
Spontaneous gender changes were fairly common at Spellcraft State University, so there was no trouble when Tom returned from Fall Break as Tonya. The new girl dedicated herself to her studies, especially Transformation, and was soon passing her classes with flying colours. Of course, her grades did suffer a bit whenever her sexy girlfriend Marci or her giant hunk of a boyfriend Mark came to town. One thing was certain, Tonya’s new life was far from ordinary!


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