Makeout Session

Tim wanted to make out with his English teacher for as long as he could remember. When she finally agreed after school one day, he thought this would be his best after school activity ever! The school eventually closed, and Tim and Ms. Jenna Bates were the only ones there.

Right in the hallway, the started kissing and getting ready for more, when suddenly Tim felt her hands grab an unfamiliar butt. His butt was firm and strong, now it felt soft and fatter, not huge at all but just less muscular. His chest felt heavy, and not in a tight muscular way either, and his shorts felt shorter, as he could not also feel his penis or balls! He felt long hair around his face too, that was weird, he had very short hair! Even his arms and hands an feet felt smaller.

As he glanced down a bit he seen his chest protruded some, and his school jacket was pink instead of blue! He had a freaked look on his face, his was still turned on, but it all felt different, he felt wet between his legs now!

Ms. Bates said, “Oh, Tim just go with it. Just go with it and kiss me. Take me like this.”

Tim broke away and looked down, he was definitely a female now! His new voice would confirm this.

He said, “What happened to me…. Oh my gosh, this body, this voice, these clothes! I’m a… a… CHICK!”

Ms. Bates said, “Yes you are Tim, and I did this with some magic. You see, I’m a lesbian, but I have to admit you were my favorite student, and I did want you, but was not attracted to that male body of yours, so I corrected that. Now we can be together just like you wanted. Don’t worry, I made you hot, you’ll see later in your new reflection. For now, just keep going, this is great.”

Tim said, “But… I’m a… chick! I’ve thought about being with you for the longest time, but I never imagined like this. This is so strange.”

Ms. Bates replied, “You’ll get used to it, and your prize is you get me! We can be a couple, whatever you want!”

Tim, not wanting to blow an opportunity, gave in, thinking he would deal with the change later, “Fine, Ms. Bates, lets get to it. I’m not sure how good it will feel for me now though.”

“You leave that to me, believe me I can make you feel really good, so good you will wonder why having sex as a man was ever that great,” she said smiling.

Tim took his word for it, and when they both eventually had orgasm later, she slapped his new ass and called him Trisha! At that moment he, no she realized this might be permanent if the teacher has her way and stays with him, well her!


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